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Alone: Frozen Episode 7 Recap and Review

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This is a recap and review of Alone: Frozen, Episode 7, which takes place over days 26 – 32. Three contestants remain at the start of the episode. 



As when we saw her last episode, Callie had set up a bargain with herself that if her traps are empty this day, she would go home. She was less concerned about the discomfort of hunger than the long-term effects of starvation on her body, especially after her recovery last time.

All her traps are empty, and her fish trap is frozen. She uses a large rock to break up the ice, and lo and behold: nothing. 

As promised, she taps out. However, she leaves “with a heart full of gratitude” and hopes her segments will serve as a story of empowerment. She definitely inspired me. 



With energy almost as exuberant as Callie’s, Woniya is excited for the real winter because she wants to go ice fishing. In preparation, she harvests tinder but manages to slice open her finger on her multi-tool’s knife. It’s not a terrible cut, but any wound in that situation is still a cause for concern. 

Yet, she doesn’t let it get her down, as she discovers that a fox has been rooting around her snares and has learned how to avoid the wire. Rather than be annoyed, she’s happy, as it means the fox will be back. She redoes her snare with a secondary wire and with a funnelling entrance. To her surprise, she didn’t even need the new set-up as the fox is caught in the original snare the next day. 

This is a great find for Woniya, as she not only caught a larger animal, but she can use its scent glands to call in other foxes. After dressing it, she creates a scraping beam to remove the skin and fat from the fur, which she uses to make a scarf.

In her last moments of this episode, she heads to the lake to get water, building a little dock or platform for future use out of stones. As she finishes, she notes the growing bad weather and checks her traps as the weather drops to -1 Fahrenheit (-17 celsius) and horizontal snow begins to blow. 



As usual, Michelle’s segments are shorter than Woniya’s. Given her body weight going into the season, I assume she tends to do minimal activities to keep her caloric burn low. She’s also lost 16 lbs since the first day. She does use her scarf to make a net, gathering 130 mussels and 50 clams. 

She has luck yet again with her snares, catching another hare. When she can’t find any game trails, she decides she’s going to hunt squirrels, catching a few – at least enough to compare meat tenderness between different ages.  



I’m still betting on Woniya to last the 50 days!  

The next episode airs on Sept 29 on History Channel and StackTV. 

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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