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Here’s the Most Annoying Thing About Trump & the Apocalypse

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Even before President Donald Trump was elected in the U.S., the Internet was overrun with wild doomsday predictions about what would happen to the world if he was elected. At Post Apocalyptic Media, we make sure to steer far, far away from political commentary. And despite the headline, this is not political commentary. But we did have to speak out about the one major thing about Trump’s election that’s annoying us more than anything else.

If you’re online, he’s everywhere.

Gone are the days when a simple, lighthearted search for “doomsday end-of-the-world predictions” could bring up Nibiru, killer robots, and zombies. Now it’s just Trump, Trump, Trump. It’s just political news ad nauseam.

It’s really tough to find good post-apocalyptic information anymore that isn’t overrun by political news.

The most annoying thing about Trump? Doomsday news is overrun by political news. 🙁 Share on X

Want an example? We follow a ton of Google Alert lists for relevant information. Here’s a Google Alert from mid-January for “doomsday”:

And check out this lovely Google alert for “doomsday prepper”:

And now here’s one for “apocalypse.” Two out of three is NOT good:

How about just a plain old Google News search for “apocalypse”?

It doesn’t get better. It gets worse. 

Yep, you can’t look for good, old-fashioned, light-hearted post-apocalyptic/doomsday prepper/end-of-the-world news without running into political news.

It’s a sad, sad day for preppers and post-apocalyptic fans everywhere. 🙁

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    Stephanie Dwilson started Post Apocalyptic Media with her husband Derek. She's a licensed attorney and has a master's in science and technology journalism. You can reach her at [email protected].

    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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