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‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ Season 2 Episode 3 Review & Recap: Exit Wounds

The Walking Dead World Beyond (AMC)

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 Episode 3 continues the series’ journey into the beginning of the end. The episode released on AMC+ on October 10 and will air on TV on AMC on October 17. This latest episode was a lot of fun to watch. They had some really good action sequences and a plot twist that I didn’t see coming. Since Elton is one of my favorite characters on this show, it felt like the show really hit its stride in bringing him back on the screen.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2, Episode 3: Exit Wounds.

It’s Good to See Percy & Elton Again

We finally got to see Percy and Elton’s story in this week’s episode. Unfortunately, that meant we didn’t get to revisit Silas this week, and his storyline right now is pretty intriguing.

Percy was still causing trouble, but considering what he’s gone through, I don’t really blame him. After feeling like he was forced to be a grifter and con artist, he let his guard down and trusted Elton and Iris’s group. Then Huck turned on him in the most horrific way possible. So of course, he’s not ready to trust again quite yet.

Still, that didn’t make things any easier on Elton when they encountered two teens who had food while they were starving. Elton had just started to befriend them when Percy tried to steal from them and messed everything up. Things went downhill fast and soon, Elton and Percy were the teens’ prisoners. I was convinced that Percy and Elton were about to get roped back into a brand new cult storyline when the show introduced a twist that I did not see coming. The two teens were working for Iris all along! I loved how that twist played out, and it was great to see Iris reunited with Elton and Percy. It also looks like Elton’s going to get a love interest!

(By the way, does anyone else notice some strong similarities between what Asha said about walkers still having a soul that needs to be freed and what Siddiq believed on The Walking Dead because of his mom? I wonder if there’s a connection there?)

Of course, the townspeople aren’t too happy about Elton and Percy’s arrival, since they’re already on precarious footing with the CRM. I don’t always enjoy the drama with the townspeople, but it’s realistic. In a situation like this, there would definitely be people who want Iris’s group to leave.

Hope Is Figuring Out Her Next Steps While Suffering PTSD


Meanwhile, Hope has been trying to find her place in the CRM group and it’s pretty tough. She comes up with an idea that really helps her dad’s research, but she still feels out of place. I was happy to see her visit the basement event that the other teens were having, so she could at least make a few friends here. I’ve seen other viewers complain about the Jenga game, but I thought the scene painted a nice contrast between life inside the walls and the life that Hope had just gone through on the outside.

(And by the way, does anyone else think that Mason is a plant who has been told to get close to Hope so he can spy on her?)

One thing I’m glad to see in this show is a look at the PTSD that Hope is suffering from. She’s not acclimating to this new, safer environment easily. They show her flashbacks and her struggles, and it’s a reminder that life outside “safe walls” is hard. A lot of apocalypse shows try to gloss over PTSD or ignore it entirely. I hope this is something they continue to show Hope struggling with, and not just something she solves after seeing her family again.

Percy Isn’t Going to Look the Other Way As Far As Huck Is Concerned

At the end of the episode, Huck arrives with Hope so she can meet up with her family and see for herself that they’re OK. Elton sees Hope and wants nothing to do with her. He left the group before when he found out that she killed his mom and he’s not about to be friends with her again. The reality is what happened with his mom was not Hope’s fault, but it doesn’t look like Elton’s going to be able to see past that.

Meanwhile, Percy looks like he’s ready to commit murder when he sees Huck. (And if he did kill her, she would 100% deserve that.)

This was a great episode overall. Elton and Percy’s storyline stole the show this time, and it was great to see things come full circle as Hope and Huck arrived to visit Felix and Iris. There are going to be fireworks next week, but I’m just not sure if they’ll come from Percy trying to kill Huck or Felix trying to kill Huck.

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