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How to Throw an Amazing ‘The Walking Dead’ Watch Party: Recipe & Decoration Ideas for Season 9

TWD Watch Party games, decorations and recipes

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The Walking Dead is about to premiere Season 9, and that means it’s time for some watch party ideas! Whether you’re throwing a party for your friends for premiere night or plan to have watch parties throughout the season, this is your one-stop shop for super fun decoration ideas and recipes. (Note: If you want to see Season 9 as it comes out, order it on Amazon here.)

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Top Walking Dead Watch Party Decorations

Let’s begin with some decoration and party ideas.

Guess Who Will Die & Win a Prize

Ask all your friends to write down who they think will die in tonight’s episode. Then have a creepy prize for whoever wins!

Create a Walking Dead Memorial


With so many characters who died last season, you really can’t leave this out of your plans. The photo above is from a memorial that’s made the rounds on Pinterest in a previous season. Put together your own, updated with the latest deaths, and leave at least one space for tonight. Print out photos of all our favorite characters who are still alive. When the show’s over, you can have a little memorial moment and add the photo to the poster.

Host a Drinking Game or Bingo Game

No finale would be complete without a drinking game (and you may need it after the show ends…sigh.) Here are some ideas to get you started. The one below is actually from the writers’ room, according to Reddit. It’s from a previous season, so you’ll have to make some changes to update it, but this should help you get started. You might want to cut out the Negan moments, for example, and remove the Morgan, Carl, and Shiva moments (sigh).

To make the game a little more fun, replace the “ending shot” boxes with boxes that apply for the entire episode.

Need more ideas to create your own? This is a drinking game from Season 1. (Click on “long description” to get the full rules.) And this is a drinking game from season 4.

Remember, drink responsibly! Have that Uber app ready if anyone needs a sober ride home after the finale. You might also need the Uber app on hand in case anyone is crying too much to drive.

Have a Flower Arrangement

It’s subtle, but really funny if someone gets it. Or just throw subtly out the window and include a card that reads “Look at the Flowers.”

Put Up Subtle Cat Decor

In honor of Michonne, of course.

Walking Dead Watch Party Recipes

Carol’s Cookies

Bake some chocolate chip cookies and label them “Carol’s Cookies.” Or make AMC’s official recipe here. Hers are made with applesauce, chocolate bars, baking powder, and baking soda.

Carl’s Chocolate Pudding

RIP Carl. 🙁 But just because he’s gone doesn’t mean you can’t memorialize him. Buy a bunch of chocolate pudding and put on a label that just reads “Carl’s Chocolate Pudding.” Simple and easy.

Jimbo’s Beerbos Beer

If you have time, make a batch of Jimbo’s Beerbos. This will, however, require quite a bit of prepping and planning ahead. So if you’re looking for last-minute ideas for tonight, you might want to just print out some Jimbo’s Beerbos labels (just make any yourself) and slap them onto a few beer bottles. It’s from Fear the Walking Dead, but it still fits the mood.

Tombstone Cupcakes


If you take Oreos and blend them up, you can get the BEST crumbles that look like dirt for the top of your cupcakes. Add tombstones on top and gummy worms for a fun “dead” theme. We made these for a birthday party, and you could use a similar theme for Walking Dead.

Walking Dead Blood Sangria Shots

These look dreadfully delicious. This recipe only calls for wine, cointreau, oranges and pomegranate juice and arils, and sparkling water.

Tombstone Grilled Cheese

Make grilled cheese sandwiches and cut them into coffin shapes. Then draw a cross on top with ketchup so it looks like blood!

Negan’s Lemonade & Spaghetti

Don’t forget about Negan’s special moment with Carl, even if they’re not around right now.

Bob’s Footloaf

It’s disgusting, but if you’re going all out…

Eugene’s Sardine Mac and Cheese

Remember how important it was for Eugene to have sardine mac and cheese? Make your own, if you dare.

If you want to see Season 9 as it comes out, order it on Amazon here.

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