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Carzekiel vs Caryl: Carol & Ezekiel Are Adorable on The Walking Dead Season 9 Premiere

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For a long time, a faction of fans has wanted to see Carol and Daryl ultimately end up together. But a trailer for The Walking Dead Season 9 showed Carol and Ezekiel kissing, and it sent all those hopes tumbling. Now Carzekiel is canon in Season 9 Episode 1, and Caryl fans aren’t sure how to feel. But no matter how you look at it, Carol and Ezekiel are adorable.

This post has spoilers for Season 9 Episode 1 of The Walking Dead. 

They are so cute! I have been a huge fan of Carol and Ezekiel since Season 8, when Ezekiel was checking up on Carol and wanting to make sure she was OK while she stayed outside of the Kingdom. He saw right through her in the beginning when she tried to hide who she really was, but she saw through him too.

Being a badass, Carol kept her cool when Ezekiel’s life was in danger, because losing her mind isn’t going to help anyone. But she was so grateful when he was OK. He, of course, promptly proposed, but she’s just not ready for that.

In case you don’t remember, Carol went through some awful stuff with her husband Ed. He abused her and their daughter Sophia mercilessly. He was actually on Season 1 of The Walking Dead, until Shane beat him up and zombies ate him. Carol could never bring herself to stand up to Ed. But after he died, she found her strength and has never let it go.

Ezekiel is just perfect for her. He has a kind heart and, as Carol told Daryl, his corny ways are wonderful after what she went through with Ed.

I imagine that #Caryl fans won’t be sure what to think in the Daryl-Carol scene in Episode 1. I personally feel that they are just more like brother and sister. Daryl approves of Ezekiel, but of course he doesn’t want to lose his best friend Carol. And that could really never happen. Daryl will always be supremely important to Carol. I just don’t think it’s in a romantic sense.

Fans are already squaring off about #Carzekiel vs #Caryl. I’m on the Carzekiel side personally, but not everyone agrees.

This is possibly true:

No, we won’t be ignoring this:

And some fans are elated:

But Caryl fans are not happy:

Let the debates begin…

I kind of remember fans feeling this way about Bellamy and Clarke too:

But in my opinion, Carol and Ezekiel are great together.

What do you think about the pair? Let us know in the comments below.

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