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Jimbo’s Beerbo’s Beer Recipe from Fear the Walking Dead

Jimbo's Beerbos Recipe

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It sure was nice to see Aaron Stanford in another post-apocalyptic show so soon. Parting may be sweet sorrow, but at least we have most of his character’s famous beer brew, Jimbos Beerbos. (And oh my, what a name is that!) I missed the depth and intensity of James Cole from 12 Monkeys. Jim may have a similar name, but he’s a completely different character in pretty much every way possible, including his accent. But I can’t wait to try his beer. (If only I knew what that secret ingredient was!) (And by the way, if you haven’t seen Season 4 yet, check it out on Amazon streaming!) 

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Here’s what we have of the Jimbos Beerbos recipe (thank you closed captioning!) We’re also taking ideas on what that special ingredient is. Maybe together, we can “crowdsource” it out!

Jimbo’s Beerbos Famous Recipe (as dicated by Jimbo himself) 

  • 68% Pils Malt
  • 15% wheat malt
  • Weyerman Wheat Malt
  • 7% flaked oats
  • 10% Vienna
  • 40g Slovenian Pellets
  • 70g Czech Saaz Whole Hops
  • Belgian and French Saison yeast

Cook the mash 151 to 152 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Pitch yeast at 68. 

Hold for 10 days, no less. 

A Redditor named mayonnaiseface took this recipe and made it a little easier for some people to understand:

Jimbo’s Beerbos Famous Recipe as Translated by Reddit

  • Fermentables: 9 lbs Pils Malt, 2 lbs Weyermann Wheat Malt, 1 lb flaked oats, 1.2 lb Vienna malt
  • Hops: 1.4 pellet Slovenian (“probably bobek”), 2.4 oz whole Czech Saaz
  • Yeast: Belgian saison (wyeast 3724) (60 min), French Saison (wyeast 3711) (15min)

Mash in at 151/152

Primary ferment 10 days

Quote from Redditor mayonnaiseface about yield: “5 gallon batch gets you around 7% ABV 34 IBU, 10 gallon batch is a sessionable 4% ABV 22 IBU” 

Sadly, there’s a secret ingredient that he didn’t share. And it was never shared even in the filming, because he was conveniently holding the radio in front of his mouth so you couldn’t read his lips. 🙁 Maybe this is just so viewers can’t criticize the recipe if they don’t like it!

Fans are sharing their amusement about the beer recipe on Twitter. 🙂


Do you have a guess about the secret ingredient? Let us know in the comments below! Personally, I suggest brewing yourself up a batch before The Walking Dead premieres on October 7, and drinking it during the premiere. 🙂

(And by the way, if you haven’t seen Season 4 yet, check it out on Amazon streaming!)

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