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When Will The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 9 Air?

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Good news everyone! The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 9 is already out! But you only have first dibs on it if you have AMC+ since the episodes release a week in advance on the platform. So if you’re watching on TV instead, here are all the details on when it will be airing.

So, When will Season 11 Episode 9 of The Walking Dead Air?

Those who are not subscribed to AMC+ will be able to watch Season 11 Episode 9, titled “No Other Way,” this coming Sunday, February 20th at 9 p.m. Eastern on AMC. That’s 8 p.m. Central and 9 p.m. Pacific if you’re watching on TV. (Some streaming services on the West Coast might have it at 6 p.m. Pacific at the same time it airs in the Eastern time zone, so check your local listings if you’re on the West Coast.)

This last season is nothing short of extraordinary: it will be split into three segments consisting of eight episodes each. The first part has just finished airing, the second will air in February, and the final one, somewhere in 2022.

Our very own writer Shawn has already watched and written a review and recap of the new episode (S4E11) which you can read here once you’ve seen it on TV. In his article, he writes that this episode celebrates a return after a 4-month break since episode 8. Do you think that waiting 4 months is a little too much? Shawn also had a special podcast episode discussing Episode 8, the show and its plots, and even reactions and thoughts about the upcoming season. You can listen to it here. Are you one of those who have been anxiously waiting for the show’s return?

This Season’s Schedule

Here’s our schedule for the new season:

the walking dead schedule

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