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What Time Does The Last Of Us Episode 8 Air?

The Last of Us episode 8

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The previous episode of The Last Of Us left most of us in tears. Some of us already knew what was coming (if you’ve played the video game series that is) but it was still a crying fest. We’re still wondering what will happen to Joel, and hopefully, we’ll have some answers in The Last of Us episode 8!

When Will The Last Of Us Episode 8 Air?

The eighth episode of The Last of Us, titled “When We Are in Need,” will air on HBO Max and On Demand on Sunday, March 5th, 2023, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time and 6 p.m. Pacific Time. We have created a live countdown so that you can keep track of the amount of time until the next episode of TLOU.


And just in case the first one breaks, here’s a second one you can use!

Episode 8 should delve deeper into Joel and Ellie’s stories. And according to the preview for this episode, we should be treated with a nice… treat! One of the characters is played by Troy Baker who voiced Joel in the video game series! And if we judge it on the preview alone, I’m so ridiculously happy that he will be one of the ‘good guys’ in this pack of survivors. Baker has also provided his voice for the characters Batman, Joker, Hawkeye, and Loki across a variety of media platforms. In addition, he has lent his talents to the English dubs of a number of popular anime series, such as Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Naruto: Shippuden, Code Geass, and Soul Eater. 

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What Can We Expect in TLOU’s Episode 8?

Some spoilers ahead!

According to wiki’s description of what happens in the game, we should expect this episode to be PACKED with action. Ellie and Joel find refuge in the mountains during the harsh winter months. Ellie is the only one who can tend to Joel’s needs while he is on the verge of death after being stabbed in episode 6. Ellie runs upon two scavengers named David and James who are eager to barter medicine for food. She develops a bitter attitude towards David after he confesses that the robbers at the university were a part of his group. I’m not going to let you know how this one ends and will leave the surprise for you, but you’ll sure be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. That is if we base it on the game.

Here’s a preview of Sunday’s episode.

Are you looking forward to watching the episode that is scheduled to air on Sunday? It’s safe to say that this episode will be very tense given how much we’ve been holding our breath and biting our nails out throughout the past several episodes.

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