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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Wraps Filming: New Photos Hint at Storylines

The Handmaid's Tale Season 5

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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 has wrapped filming, and new photos from the set are revealing storylines beyond what was hinted at in the first trailer

The Cast & Crew Celebrated the Wrap

Handmaid's Tale S5 trailer (YouTube)
Handmaid’s Tale S5 trailer (YouTube)

According to, the fifth season wrapped filming on Saturday, August 6. In total, filming took about seven months for the new highly-anticipated season. 

On Instagram, Jack Wallace (from the Season 5 filming crew) shared photos celebrating wrapping the new season. 


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A post shared by Jack Wallace (@buckyjw_)

Wallace wrote, “That’s a wrap on season 5! The last 5 months have been nuts but it’s been an absolute pleasure! Scroll to the end to se me and my pal.” 

O-T Fagbenle (Luke) also shared a video celebrating wrapping the new season. 


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A post shared by O-T Fagbenle (@otfagbenle)

He wrote, “That’s a WRAP! @handmaidsonhulu Season 5 is in the oven and it’s cooking and gonna be piping hot come September! Any guesses on Luke n Nick? Man I wanna give away some spoilers! @hulu @priverevaux @away”

Elisabeth Moss (June) replied, “I can’t wait for people to see the most incredible performance you’ve ever given this season. Guys, I got to see it in front of my own eyes and you are in for a wild ride 🔥😉🔥” 

Fagbenle replied, “geeez I’m screen shotting that comment and sending it to my mom! Thanks Miss Moss… people know what magic you do in front of the camera .. but if they knew what you did behind it.. 🤯”

Bradley Whitford tweeted a “thank you” to Toronto. “Be back soon.” 

New Photos from Filming Have Emerged

Handmaid's Tale S5 trailer (YouTube)
Handmaid’s Tale S5 trailer (YouTube)

With Season 5 wrapping, new photos are also emerging from people who caught key moments from the sets. 

A special train is part of the Season 5 finale filming.

And the editing room is already working on the season finale.

Wendy Hallam Martin tweeted, “I just did a dissolve and I usually HATE dissolves but this one is actually super cool!! #seasonfinale #TheHandmaidsTale #Editor #ElisabethMoss”

Martin added: “Haha! I just can’t get ‘if you can’t solve it, dissolve it’ out of my head. Unless they are emotionally driven, I’m always doing a cut ✂️👍”

So this sounds like a dissolve cut during the finale is going to be highly emotional.

Makeup artist Burton LeBlanc shared these photos.

On Twitter, Handmaid’s Fans speculated: “Look familiar? Do you think we are going back to Chicago in the season finale? 🩸”

Filming also took place at Allan Gardens in Toronto. You can find some set pictures in the Reddit thread here.

St. Catherine’s Standard reported that some shooting also took place in Port Colborne after it had to be rescheduled from earlier filming dates that ere set in July. 

Additional filming also took place at the York University Campus in Toronto, according to this Reddit thread. Some military vehicles were seen on set, along with a K9 unit. In another Reddit thread with photos, it was observed that a lot of filming took place near the entrance to the subway, and military vehicles and other law enforcement units were seen there. People were seen with luggage in hand. 

Redditor Ilovefeynmandiagrams wrote in another thread that on one set there were warning signs that read “prop weapons in use.” They wrote, “This is the 4th time I’ve been somewhere around their filming, and I’ve never seen this warning before.” 

They continued, writing that a second set was for a hospital. “There are some signs up on the wall for ‘mount liberty hospital’ and I see extras walking around dressed in gowns, nurses etc.,” they wrote. “I also saw a stretcher with a structure attached to the top (maybe to hold a camera?), so it looks like they’ll be wheeling someone in to the hospital on that.”

They noted that one sign pointed toward “infant urgent care,” others pointed to “emergency room,” which caused them to wonder if Serena might be giving birth for that set. 

The Handmaid’s Tale returns with its Season 5 premiere on Hulu on September 14. It will premiere with two episodes, and then the rest will release on a weekly basis. The fifth season will have 10 episodes total, just like seasons prior to it.

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