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What Time Does The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 5 Premiere?

What Time is The Handmaid's Tale Season 5 Episode 5

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The fourth episode of The Handmaid’s Tale premiered last week, leaving viewers eager for more. After that cliffhanger, we need to know what comes next. Currently, Episode 4 of Season 5 may be seen on Hulu. You can find out when the premiere of Season 5 Episode 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale will be by looking at the schedule that we’ve provided below.

Season 5 Episode 5 will be Available Tuesday Night or Early Wednesday Morning

Premiering on Hulu on Wednesday, October 5th at midnight Eastern time is the fifth episode of Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale. Let’s make this information more easily digestible from coast to coast by presenting it in a list format:

  • Eastern time: 12 a.m. Wednesday, October 5
  • Central time: 11 p.m. Tuesday, October 4
  • Mountain time: 10 p.m. October 4
  • Pacific time: 9 p.m. October 4
  • Alaska: 8 p.m. October 4
The handmaid's tale
Credit: Hulu

This means that viewers on the West Coast and Hawaii won’t have to stay up too late to see the show since they may do so just before bedtime. This is why some people are chatting about the programme on Tuesday night, while others may not see it until Wednesday evening. Oh you, darn timezones!

How to Watch S5E5 Online

You can catch up on Hulu starting at the hours stated above if you aren’t caught up with the series yet. The fifth episode of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 may be seen in the same way as the previous four episodes of this season. All five episodes will be available to you.

In order to find “The Handmaid’s Tale,” all you have to do is log in and do a search. Season 5 is available as an option for those who want to begin there. If you’ve watched the first four episodes already, you may go on to the fifth.

(It’s worth noting that if Episode 5 doesn’t appear on the menu but you know it should have been published by now, you may start viewing Episode 4, fast forward to the very end, and Hulu will take you directly to Episode 5.)

Handmaid's Tale season 5
Credit: Hulu

The Handmaid’s Tale is currently unavailable on streaming services like YouTube and Amazon Video, and it has no plans to appear on Netflix. For a very long time, at least. The Handmaid’s Tale is a Hulu original series, which explains it.

If you don’t have Hulu, you may sign up for a monthly membership right now. The combination of Live TV and Disney+ makes one of the various bundles a very attractive choice. Furthermore, Hulu subscriptions may be available to students for $2.99 per month. To find out whether you are eligible for one of those fantastic reductions, click on the link.

What Happened Last Week

You can see our full review of last week’s episode here. But we’re also providing a quick recap below. 


A lot happened last week that fans are still unpacking. Commander Lawrence had a “come to Jesus” type chat with Aunt Lydia, basically pulling the rug out from under all her hopes that Gilead was trying to be pious and faithful. She thought abusive Commanders were not the norm, but Lawrence basically told her that the system was built to encourage abuse. So now Aunt Lydia’s going to have to do some serious soul-searching about all that. Janine, meanwhile, is speaking out about her true feelings, and it looks like Lydia is starting to listen. 

June, understandably, is absolutely livid that Serena is back in Canada, working as an emissary of sorts for Gilead. But when she finally had an opportunity to shoot and kill her, she couldn’t do it because it would mean killing Serena’s baby too. (I’m going to guess that all bets will be off once Serena gives birth.) Luke tried a different tactic — asking Serena to help them get Hannah back. But Serena refused. Now Luke is on “Team Kill Serena” and even found a way to get her Gilead Center shut down. 

Once Serena was homeless, a benefactor took her in. Turns out, her name is Mrs. Wheeler and she’s a rich Gilead devotee. The way she greeted Serena was chilling, and gave us serious “Serena might become a Handmaid” type of vibes. Is Mrs. Wheeler going to try to take her baby? 

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