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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 4: Two Trailers Reveal Major Storylines


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Last week’s episode of The Handmaid’s Tale was intense, as Serena’s manipulations were thwarted at every turn and June got a surprise “meeting” with her at the end. We also saw June struggling with Serena’s power grab involving Hannah during the funeral, and Nick finally admitting to June that he had a new wife. A lot has happened, and we can’t wait to see what’s next on The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 4.

The new episode premieres late Tuesday night or Wednesday, depending on your time zone. The official Hulu trailer, another trailer from Israel, and more details have emerged, so we have some spoilers and ideas on what to expect in the story below. The full trailers are included later in this story. 

The New Episode Is Called ‘Dear Offred’

The new episode is called “Dear Offred,” which is a name we haven’t heard used in relation to June in a long time. I’ll be honest… Just hearing the name sends chills down my spine. 


Hulu’s official synopsis reads: “June fights her need for violent revenge as Serena settles into her new role in Toronto. Rattled by Janine, Aunty Lydia makes a surprising suggestion to Lawrence.” 

This episode looks like it’s going to be really interesting. First, I can’t imagine how hard it will be for June not to go after Serena, especially if she sees Serena promoting and acting as ambassador to Gilead — and lying to naive women about the kind of treatment they’d get there. 

As for Aunt Lydia, we really saw her armor cracking last week when Janine nearly died. And we saw a renewed vigor in her heart for change when Janine woke up from her coma. So I’ve got to wonder what suggestion she’s going to bring to Lawrence. Is she ready to mobilize secretly against Gilead, or am I hoping for too much? I feel like Aunt Lydia will need to “test out” rebellion before she dives in completely, but I could be wrong. 

The new episode premieres, technically, on Wednesday, September 27. The exact date really depends on your time zone. It’s midnight on the East Coast, and a little earlier in Central and Pacific time zones. Either way, it’ll be waiting for you any time you tune in Wednesday morning, afternoon, or evening. 

Trailers for Season 5 Episode 4 Include the Israeli Trailer

The Israeli trailer that fans love to watch is finally here. We didn’t get it last week, and it includes some scenes not in the Hulu trailer. 

It starts out with Tuello telling Serena that she’s “officially released from custody of the American government.” 

We see Luke ask Serena to help them get Hannah back, but she won’t budge. She insists that “Agnes is happy.” I think Serena’s going to regret that decision! But she taunts Luke about going back to Gilead to save her. Is she wanting Luke and June to leave so they can get caught again and Serena won’t feel in danger anymore?

Of course, June wants to kill Serena. Can you blame her? 

The full Hulu promo is also available, which you can watch below. This includes some scenes not in the Israeli trailer. 

There’s that same statement at the beginning where Serena is told that she’s officially released. 

It looks like June is telling Tuello that she warned him about Serena but he won’t listen. I don’t think Tuello is as naive as he looks. Personally, I think that’s all an act, but I could be wrong. 

June says, “She always gets what she wants,” and then we see THIS. 


Uh oh. Serena is creating a “Gilead Information Center” in Toronto, it looks like. How long before someone attacks that with bombs? 


It looks like Luke visits the information center, perhaps. Or he goes somewhere and runs into Serena. She tells him that she’s there to tell people there’s a better way to live. Can I roll my eyes any harder? 

And June is already obsessing over shooting Serena. Honestly, who can blame her? She tells Luke that she doesn’t know how to stop herself. I can’t help but wonder if Luke would even want to stop her from shooting Serena after seeing how Serena used his daughter for her own political advantage on international TV. 


There’s a quick shot of Aunt Lydia with Lawrence as she says, “God may test us, but he always rewards the most righteous.” This may be the part of the story this week that I’m most curious about. 

And then we see June with a gun! If you recall from the Season 5 trailer that was released before the new season began, it looks like June is going to have the gun when she confronts Serena. They’re speeding through the trailer scenes pretty early on this season. 

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