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Fans Can’t Stop Joking About Those June Close-Up Scenes on The Handmaid’s Tale

Handmaids Tale Closeup Stare

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The Handmaid’s Tale has always had a thing for showing closeups of June staring at the camera, but it became very prevalent during Season 3 on Hulu. In fact, those closeup stares were so common that they turned into a running joke and memes among the fans. Here are some of the best memes and jokes about it. 

This post has spoilers for all of Season 3 (it was originally written during that season), but the trend continued into Season 5 too.

I'm not the only one who noticed all those closeups of June in #TheHandmaidsTale Season 3. Click To Tweet

Here’s how Episode 12 of Season 3 ended. I honestly thought it would have been better if they had ended on Lawrence’s stare at June, but here we are.

[Spoilers S03E12] Don’t tell me you didn’t laugh when you saw this: from TheHandmaidsTale

And this one is really funny. It’s from u/ForgetfulLucy28 on Reddit and it was a prediction for the finale.


One fan wrote in response: “By the end of the last season it’s just going to be one of June’s electrons zipping about.”

And this is what June might look like by the time she finally gets Hannah back. 🙁

[No Spoilers] When June finally gets Hannah back. from TheHandmaidsTale

And what about this one?

[NO SPOILERS] what if..? from TheHandmaidsTale

A couple of weeks ago, Hulu took a different tactic.

[No Spoiler] Hulu: "We heard you were tired of close-up shots of June staring directly into the camera." from TheHandmaidsTale

Of course, the jokes and memes aren’t just on Reddit. There are a lot of them on Twitter too from this past season. Here are what some fans had to say about those special June staring moments.

Did you get tired of the close-ups like so many other viewers did? Or did you think they were done well?

This one may have taken things a little too far for some fans.

One fan said they love June, but sometimes it becomes just a bit too much. 

Ever wonder what it would be like to end an episode with a closeup on a different character?

Some fans got tired of the whole thing during Season 3. 

But let’s be honest: not all of those closeup scenes were annoying. Some were done very well.

There’s an interesting YouTube video made about the whole thing. It seems like even though they did closeups for Season 1 and Season 2 also, they got less creative in Season 3 about the way they did them. So that might be why those moments seemed to stand out more to fans in Season 3.


Watching the video above reminds me of how much I love their soundtrack. I may have to look into that for a future article.

The Trend Continues in Season 5

This article was originally written during Season 3, but the trend of June close-ups has continued during Season 5. 

We noticed this very story trending a few times as Season 5 kicked off. 

Of course, people are still tweeting about the trend too. Jayne Meyncke joked on Twitter: “The nice thing about watching handmaids tale is you can look at your phone for a few minutes and look back up and it’s still a closeup of June looking into the camera. Never miss a plot point.”

While we’re really enjoying Season 5 so far (or at least, enjoying a show as much as you can when it’s also a hellscape of a dystopian world), the jokes about the June closeups are still really funny too. 

Here’s looking forward to more jokes and memes this season!

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