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The Front Shows Off Impressive Crafting System in New Trailer

The Front

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An impressive new trailer dropped this week for The Front, an upcoming survival shooter that has a focus on crafting in a giant open world.

“Already stripped of their freedom, faith, and in many cases, life, humans are on the verge of finally losing that which they call home. The surviving members of humanity’s resistance are hoping to use time travel technology to return to the past and correct the course of history,” the game’s description reads.

How Big is Big?

The world itself is said to be 36 km². That’s just a tad bigger than the landmass of Just Cause 2, and about three times larger than that of GTA V for comparison.

That world is filled with a variety of terrain, including deserts, forests, and tundra. The weather system cycles through several different types of weather such as fog, thunderstorms, sunny days, dark nights, and even blizzards.

Now let’s talk about that crafting

If you watched the video above, you see that the base building seems to be similar to several other games, but on steroids. This includes ways to modify terrain like in Wurm Online and ways to hook up electricity similar to other survival games like Icarus. There are 30 different building modules and almost 100 components for building whatever you want, including irrigation systems for your farm, guard towers, etc.

Samar Studio looks to be trying to do everything for everyone in this game, so we’ll see how well that pans out. We’re hoping for the best because this game looks like a blast. The game is currently in development for PC and you can follow the Steam page for updates.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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