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The 100: You Get a Kru and YOU Get a Kru!

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You Get A Kru, and YOU Get a Kru!:

First of all, let me say, 4×13? Amazing. I laughed, I cried, I hit my friend repeatedly in the thigh as I squealed at all of the exciting and heart pounding  moments. Once again, there is video evidence of all of this and once again, if it’s released, I’LL SUE. They know who they are. There is not one thing I would change about The 100’s season four finale, Praimfaya, written by creator and producer Jason Rothenberg.

Some standout moments for me were:

  • The Blake siblings. Finally. FINALLY they have overcome the torture their relationship has been for the last season and a half and they are finally on the healthy path to a new and improved relationship. Just in time to be separated for six years with no communication.
  • Monty and Murphy. This is something I never knew I actually needed in my life until it was given to me and now I refuse to give it back.
  • Raven doubting herself and her abilities. Everyone on this show (and in the audience) sees Raven as the brain and, “Oh, don’t worry. Raven will figure it out for us.” It was nice to see her have a shaken moment to remind us all that she is still just a girl, a brilliant one, but still just human.
  • The dark humor of Echo’s faux sacrafice. “After all, we might need to throw somebody overboard.” Too funny in an otherwise very tortured moment.
  • Raven’s spacewalk 2.0!
  • Clarke almost falling off the damn tower and causing me to gasp and bruise my friends poor thigh as I hit her.
  • The oxygen sharing scene on the ring of the ark. This to me was a glimpse of how they will all work together to survive up there on their own. “Survival is a team sport.” indeed.
  • Any and everything Bellamy and Clarke-which comes as a shock to absolutely zero people. From the comforting hug to the head and heart conversation (which thank you Jason for making canon), to “May we meet again.” and ending with, “I still have hope….never mind…I see you.” (Which, don’t think I didn’t catch the “You still have hope?/Are we still breathing?” reference. I’m a professional fangirl, I notice it all.) This episode was a beautiful tribute to exactly who and what they are to one another and I can’t way to see how it further develops in season five with the new and older version of themselves who have now lived apart longer than they have known each other.


Like I said. I loved this episode. I also have so many questions for season five which will come in a later post. Hey. I have to have something to keep me occupied during hiatus. Speaking of:



Welcome back to RenewKru. An eight to ten month hiatus seems like an amazing time to go ahead and get started on our efforts to get a season six. What can we say, we’re greedy. While RenewKru is one-third my brain child, there have been other accounts to pop up in the last week in an effort to keep us occupied during hiatus while also promoting the show in positive ways. For more information, follow @hiatuskru, @The100Promo, and of course, @The100Writers, who are also spending this hellacious hiatus attempting to keep us occupied.

It seems all of the efforts are paying off with world-wide trending four times in a week’s time(Bellarke Will Meet Again, The 100 Finale, Lexa Is Our Heda, and 2199 Reasons To Love Bellarke), as well as a fanart contest hosted by the writers account, mission Monday’s, and of course, my very own fandom charity fic drive, which more to come on that soon.

Usually, I would sign off here saying that you can catch The 100 Wednesdays at 9/8c, but that is no longer true. But guess what? The 100 season four drops at midnight on Netflix! Imagine thinking I’m not going to be streaming this and only this for the next eight to ten months.


It’s been a joy, lovelies, and I will see you soon!


(Also, I completely suck at making my posts look pretty and rely 100% on Derek and Stephanie to make it look pleasing to the human eye. Unfortunately, they’re a bit tied up right now and I was anxious to get this up. I’m sure it will look prettier soon. Sorry!)

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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