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The 100 Finale: Questions, Theories, and Hiatus

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The 100 Finale: Questions, Theories, and Hiatus:

Now, I could write a recap of 4×12 but what could I say that hasn’t already been said since Thursday? Nothing new. So, instead, I’m going to write out a list of questions, my own predictions, and some fun things that we have planned for this lonnnnnnnnng hiatus.


I have SO MANY! But for the sake of my poor laptop I’ll try and limit it to ten:

1) Number one of importance to me: With Raven going up to space WHAT ABOUT ABBY’S BRAIN PROBLEM?!

2) With Kane directly defying Abby’s wishes to take her out of the lottery (nice parallel to Clarke in 4×10, by the way) how will their relationship be impacted?

3) Is Jaha going to adopt that extra’s kid and raise him as if he has a second chance with Wells?

4) Is Octavia the new commander or is she going to carve out a whole new way of doing things that is just her own?

5) Will Octavia learn of Jasper’s passing and will we get to see her react to it? (She was, after all, his first crush.)

6) I thought the rocket was a two seater. How the hell will eight of them fit in that thing?

How are they going to fit everyone in a two-seater rocket? #The100Finale Share on X

7) Speaking of the commander: Does Gaia still have the Flame? And if so, with Luna being the last rightful NightBlood, what will happen to it?

8) With Bellamy and Clarke not being around to claim their spots on ~the list~, will Daddy Miller get to claim one?

9)Will Miller and Jackson rise?

10) Will Emori and Echo actually be able to survive in space given their blood is different than those from space (thanks for that info, Mount Weather!)?

11)What the hell are they going to do in space for five years?

12) Are they able to generate more fuel to get back down?

13)Will the oft mentioned Mining Colony make an appearance?

14) With bunker space being enough to hold JUST ENOUGH for 1200 people with oxygen and food, what about procreation? How will the girl under the floor handle an accidental pregnancy?

15)Is five years actually five years, because the geniuses on this show can’t math-i.e, the ark died 100 years ahead of schedule, the radiation wave went from six months to two weeks…our babies are smart, but damn. They just can’t math.

I tried to keep it under ten.  I swear.

Theories and Speculation:

Things here can get a little hairy because of spoilers and leaks and all of the other things that I won’t touch on. So, going strictly by the promo and my own speculation, here is my personal one:

In the promo for Pramfaya we see a lot of snow and orange tinted skies and just a lot of other anxiety inducing images. But wait! What’s this?!

Blue sky, no radiation suit, fresh greenery, the Rover, a satellite, a walkie talkie?


Clarke looks very concerned in this little screencap that we have and is looking towards the sky.

My theory remains-until I am proven wrong in less than 24 hours, I’m sure-that the rocket is coming down! And maybe it’ll crash making us all worried about the fate of our faves, much like season one’s finale did with the fate of Finn and Bellamy.

That’s my speculation and I’m sticking to it.


You might not know this about me but I hail from the Twilight fandom who are well known for their work with Fandom Gives Back, a charity drive where fanfic authors would donate their time and talents for donations to a charity. Their charity of choice was Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a foundation that was set up to bring awareness and money to victims of childhood cancer.

In June/July, @PostApocalypt will host a fanfic event to benefit Isla's Charity! #The100 Share on X

With the support of Post Apocalyptic Media, we will be hosting a similar event, with all proceeds going to Isla’s charity.  If you would like to volunteer your effort to this, we ask all fanfiction authors, edit/video makers, or layout designers to contact us so that we can get a starting list made. We’ll go forward with this event in late June/early July.

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How We Did for 4×12:

Still a 0.3. Come on finale. I want my 0.4. Give it to me! This is our last chance….at least for eight to ten months.

For Your Viewing Pleasure:

Jaclyn and Marcella. I adore them. Their reactions make me giggle every time because I know I am the exact same.



Okay, space babies! Tomorrow night is the night! I’m so ready and not at all prepared. Halp me. I’ll see you on the other side.

You can watch The 100 on The CW Wednesdays at 9/8c.

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