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How to Save Colony: You Can Help Fans Save This Amazing Post-Apocalyptic Show

Save Colony

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As you know, Colony was canceled by USA. The show is one of the best post-apocalyptic series out there right now, but USA canceled it just when it’s starting a pretty silly series called The Purge. But much like Bowman and his family, fans aren’t going to take this lying down. They’re resisting and fighting back, seeking a new home for Colony. If you help them, you might help get this show picked up.(Note: If you haven’t watched all of Colony yet, you can catch it on Amazon here. Or just watch it now to show Amazon that there’s interest.) 

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The season finale was nothing short of amazing. I loved the Seattle storyline, loved to see the sacrifice Bowman made, and the new resistance cell underground. But we’ll never see what happens next if we don’t get a place like Amazon Studios or Netflix to pick up the show. Fans are hoping Netflix, Amazon Studios, Hulu, HBO, or Syfy will pick up the show.  So here’s what fans are doing and how you can help.

Vote In Every Poll that Includes Colony & Follow the Leaders of the Save Colony Efforts

For starters, vote for Colony in every survey and poll where the show is listed, especially surveys talking about shows that should be renewed or picked up by a studio. For example, this poll by So Many Shows gave people a chance to vote for Colony. The votes just came in and Colony won FIRST place for the show that should be saved! Right now, we’re not aware of other polls that Colony is in, but we’ll add them to this story when we hear about them. (If you know of one, let us know in the comments below.)

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To stay updated on the efforts, follow us on Twitter, and follow Proxy Snyder on Twitter, and follow Save Colony. (ProxySnyder and SaveColony are the top people leading the effort to renew the show. If you have any questions about the campaigns, you’ll definitely want to follow and chat with them!)

You’ll also want to follow Save Colony on Instagram.

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And you’ll want to follow Save Colony on Facebook too.

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If you love Colony, you MUST join the resistance.

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Donate to This GoFundMe to Help Save Colony

GoFundMe Colony
GoFundMe Colony

Next, consider donating to this GoFundMe to save Colony. The GoFundMe is organized by Jay, who created the Proxy Snyder Twitter account and was tweeting about Colony pretty much non-stop. He and 10 megafans created this GoFundMe which has a $2500 goal. So far they’ve raised $645 toward their goal (the screenshot above is a bit behind.) The GoFundMe is raising money to create a “wall” near the Netflix headquarters, painted grey like the wall on the show, with names from people who have signed a petition to save Colony.

They would also like to do a drone flyover to capture the media’s attention and to replicate the drones that fly over the wall.

They may also ship alien items to at least one major streaming service, depending on how much is raised.

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This is a pretty amazing plan, I must say.

Sign the Two Save Colony Petitions

Save Colony Petition
Save Colony Petition (

Next up, sign the petition to Save Colony here. So far they’ve gathered more than 7,600 signatures (the picture above is just a bit behind.)

Second, sign the petition on, at the bottom of the webpage here.

Share on Social Media

Next, share share share on social media! Here are some things you can share to start:


Tweet the following:

Sign this petition to #SaveColony! Share on X Tell everyone that you're in the resistance! Sign this #SaveColony petition on Share on X This GoFundMe wants to build a wall to #SaveColony. Amazing idea! Share on X ATTN @AmazonStudios @Netflix @Hulu @HBOPR: Pick up Colony to get a big increase in viewers & an amazing show! #SaveColony Share on X

Save Colony also provides daily tasks for fans. Here’s the latest one for the day this story was published:


Like these Instagram posts or share your own similar post with the #colony and #savecolony tags.

Follow @savecolony for details on how you can help save #colony.

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You can also sign up for the Repost app to share ANY Instagram post someone else had made on your own Instagram account. I suggest getting Repost on Google Android/Play here or iTunes here and then sharing everything from @SaveColony and from PostApocalypticMedia.


Share our story about how to Save Colony! And follow Save Colony on Facebook too.

Watch an Episode of Colony on Amazon or Netflix to Show You’re Interested

You might also want to watch Colony on Amazon to show the studio that there’s an interest. Pick up an episode of Colony on Amazon by going to this link. Or watch on Netflix at this link. Amazon has all three seasons and Netflix has the first two.

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These are fans’ first ideas to getting started on saving Colony. We’ll update this story with more ideas and actions you can take as they are available. Do you have more ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

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