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The 100 4×09: Why Wouldn’t I Post My Review The Same Day As A New Episode?

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The 100 4×09 (or is 4×10, I’m still so confused about this) DNR:

The title DNR is actually incredibly accurate for this because after this weekend of voting non-stop in the EOnline Alpha Male Madness poll, I need to track down Jasper’s pen and write it on my forehead. This episode made me have all of the feelings-mostly in the sadness/panic category-but isn’t that what I want out of a show? If I’m simply apathetic, why bother watching anything at all? Anyway! Here we go, The 100‘s 4×09(and/or 4×10. Seriously, I’m dumb. I just don’t know.)

The Raven and The Cockroach

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I could never express in enough detail just how much I love the progression of Raven and Murphy’s relationship. From bitter enemies to actual friends who care about each other. Even Raven’s parting line of “Survive.” was just so perfect. All season has led to this, starting in 4×03 with the hardcore sniping (and the introduction of the cockroach nickname), 4×04 with Murphy grabbing Raven when they were under attack from the droids at the newly discovered Becca’s Island, 4×06 when I literally thought Raven was going to kill him with her stress rage/Murphy’s self deprecating/loathing  retelling of why Raven is handicapped thanks to him to Luna (plus the incredibly adorable fact that he was trying to memorize what Luna had chanted to Raven to get her to calm down so he could help in the future)-it’s all led to this: Not only does Murphy acknowledge what he’s done to Raven, he apologizes for it. More than that, she forgives him. Should they ever be romantically linked? Debateable. (I also admit I could get down with it, but as a human being, I’m utter shipper garbage.) It calls in to question though: when it comes to redemption, how much is enough? Is it enough that Raven has forgiven him even if some of the audience hasn’t?

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Enough about them together though, let’s talk about their separate arks. When it comes to Murphy, his survival instinct is a key trait to his character. However, in my interpretation of him throughout his development he has always held a sort of lightness to him that has kept him from 100% being a villain but still too dark and selfish to be considered an anti-hero. He’s always been inherently human, albeit a self serving one. This season in particular has brought out more understanding and motive, and yes, even more light, to his arc.  However, Emori is a human embodiment of his deepest and darkest thoughts. It’s been evident all season that she speaks to what she believes is the truth about his situation with SkaiKru. “How many times have they cast you aside?”/”They’re not coming back for us, John.” Different day, same underlying thread: she trusts nobody, and he shouldn’t either. It seems as for every small step we get taken forward, she drags him back down with her doubt. The shock on their faces when Miller and Jackson showed up to bring them back to Polis spoke volumes. She genuinely didn’t believe they would come back for them and was relieved that they did. With one final look at Raven who was babbling at a hallucination, he left.

I have a lot of questions about what is happening to Raven right now. To my understanding, there is a piece of A.L.I.E code still stuck in her brain that is rapidly disintegrating her brain. Up pops “Becca.” I’m not 100% convinced it is actually Becca in hallucination form. Instead I wonder it’s actually  a piece of Alie still beating and following her core-command of helping the human race-or in this case, Raven. What could possibly ease Raven’s pain, mental, physical, and emotional, than one final spacewalk to death? It’s also possible I am completely overthinking it.

Suicide Squad:


Poor Monty cannot catch a break. After a very brief feeling of triumph for discovering the chamber to their survival, he learns that not only is Jasper not going, Harper has decided to stay behind too. Jasper has been on a steady downward spiral since season two brought the death of Mia and Harper hasn’t been the same since she left a man to perish in acid rain. In the minds of the tortured delinquents (some of the only ones left of the original 100) they’d rather die their way and end the pain and torture than continue to live in the world they do now. It was alpha male Bellamy Blake (oh, come on, you knew that was coming) who convinced Jaha and Monty to let them make their own choice. Jaha had sent ‘The 100’ down to their death, and now they could decide what was right for them. The choice to impose the ghostly image of Wells over Bellamy as Jaha processed his words was a beautiful and chilling tribute to the character and a little reminder of just what it is that Jaha himself has lost because of his choices.

Bellamy got to say goodbye to both Harper and Jasper-with a noticeably absent Monty- and it was another bittersweet moment with callbacks to season one.

“May we meet again.”

“We won’t.”

“Whatever the hell you want.”

I’m sobbing just writing it?

Jasper and Harper go back in to the halls of Arkadia where they plan on partying until the radiation wave hits and kills them all when Harper catches site of Monty at the bar. He stayed back in hopes that the two most important people in his life would change their minds and want to live. I hope they do too, particularly Harper who I have grown so attached to this season.

SkaiRippa Reformed…Except Not So Much

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Watching Octavia trying to adapt to farmer life was interesting to say the least. I can appreciate the fact that she wants to change her murdering ways and is actively trying to put the pain and hatred behind her, but she’s not there. Illian, while a cutie, is a band-aid at best for Octavia who still hasn’t fully processed or dealt with the death of Lincoln. Do I think hacking into soil is healthier than chopping heads off? Hell yes. Octavia just hasn’t fully reached that place yet. She’s still so shrouded in grief that sometimes it’s hard to look at her, particularly when she goes dead behind the eyes. Now, I do have to ask. If the village people saw her, knew who she was, what exactly made them think, “Hmmmm. Skairippa….let’s pick a fight with her!”


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Regardless, after  defending herself-though perhaps a little too well- from the attack, Octavia embraced who she thinks she is now, and headed to Polis for the official conclave.

Long Live The Commander:

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So much to say here. It all starts with flipping Abby, Kane, and the rest of SkaiKru who thinks it’s going to be a swell idea to turn on the King of Polis….in Polis. I have never wanted to flick them in the nose more. Once Clarke was informed of the plan to betray Roan and Azgeda for Indra and Trikru, she ran to warn him. Alas, she was just a little too late and ended up kidnapped by his guards. I swear, nobody gets kidnapped more than Clarke in The 100….maybe Bellamy. They just take turns at this point.

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In the Polis tower, Clarke convinces Roan to meet Indra in the bunker and attempt to come to some sort of agreement because the radiation is hitting in six days. While he agrees, Indra clearly does not, and with good reason. Clarke, feeling desperate, convinces Gaia that she is a NightBlood and she should be the next commander. Eek. Roan was the only one who spoke against Clarke taking the Flame, waiting until the very last possible second and giving me a heart attack, thank you very much. What makes me scratch my head though is how they could have possibly thought she was born a NightBlood. It’s not like Clarke is new in town. And why were they also shocked and appalled when Abby admitted that Clarke was only a NightBlood because of science when it was science that Becca used to create NightBlood in the first place? Regardless, after exposing Clarke as a fraud, the twelve other clans agreed to a conclave, a fight to the death, for who controls the bunker. I’m anxious already for tonight’s (yes, tonight. Why wouldn’t I wait until the very last possible second to write a review of the show) episode and from what I can gather, it’s a bloodbath.

How We Did:

.3! While I loved my .4’s, I’ll take it, since it’s at least consistent. Of course we trended worldwide, we always do, but unfortunately once again, were not in the Nielsen Top Five.

For Your Viewing Pleasure:

Yes, I continue to be reaction video trash, and Jaclyn and Marcella never disappointment. They’re so reactionary, I love it.

You can catch The 100 Wednesdays on The CW at 9/8c. (or you know….tonight.)

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