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CLEXA Wins Top Post Apocalyptic Ship!

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And the Top Post Apocalyptic Ship poll is OVER! And guess what? Clexa from The 100 won! We’ve got a big article just for Clexa today in honor of their win, including details about the poll, and a special message from Clexa fans.

First, many many thanks to Heather Mason, who dreamed up the poll for us and made it a reality. She is a superstar and we are SO grateful to have her on the team!

And second, thanks to the thousands of people who voted in the four rounds. You stood by us when we had some technical issues early on and were supportive every weekend (even when our Round 4 ran up against an EOnline poll — how crazy is that timing?!) And Bellarke fans — you helped make this poll great too. Things were down to the wire and you ran a good competition! Thank you for joining us on this journey!

And now, we celebrate the winner and share some special news commemorating the win. I must say, I was very impressed with some Clexa fans’ request to me about this story, as you’ll see in section 2 below.

Clexa Defeated 18 Ships for the Win

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We started off with 18 nominees, with couples from The 100, The Walking Dead, Into the Badlands, Z Nation, The Shannara Chronicles, Revolution, 12 Monkeys, and Mad Max. Over time we narrowed the poll down until Round 3, when Clexa, Sea Mechanic, Caryl, and Bellarke were facing off. This led to a final showdown between #Clexa and #Bellarke. Both teams are passionate and both teams had a big showing for votes. But only one team could win.

And the winner is CLEXA! 

Here are the results. You may need to wait just a second for the poll to load:

[socialpoll id=”2437706″]

Congratulations #Clexa fans!

(NOTE: Now that the poll is over, we’re also providing a screenshot of the poll in case the poll itself ever goes down):

Clexa Fans Told Me: The Best Way to Celebrate Their Win Is By Donating

When I mentioned that I was preparing a story about Clexa’s win, I was amazed by a few responses I got from some of the ship’s supporters. Here are two examples:

I was really impressed. These fans who approached me didn’t want accolades. They didn’t really care about bragging rights. They wanted to use their win to help others. I’ve heard there’s a push on Twitter to #ChooseKindness, and their requests is a great example of that.

#Clexa fans asked to use their win to help others. Great way to #ChooseKindness. Share on X

So if you are reading this and want to  celebrate Clexa’s win, consider donating to one of these causes they suggested to me, which we’re writing about below.

Want to celebrate #Clexa's win? They ask that you donate to Isla or TrevorProject. Share on X

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project was founded in 1988 to provide crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning young people, ages 13-24. This is a very important service. The world can be a tough, cruel place sometimes. You may have no idea who around you is struggling and suffering, dealing with issues that feel just so overwhelming. Services like The Trevor Project are vital for reaching these people and helping them, letting them know that there are people who care and there is hope and love.

You can donate to The Trevor Project directly at this link.

Isla’s Fundraiser

Reading Isla’s story broke my heart. This girl has been through so much in such a short time. 🙁 From Thailand, Isla was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in March 2016 at the age of 2. She celebrated remission in December 2016, but it only lasted for 10 weeks. For outpatient procedures and treatments, they must cover everything themselves. In the next 12 months, expenses could reach $100,000, and the parents haven’t had an income for over a year while they sought to care for their daughter. So far a little over $24,000 has been raised toward a $150,000 goal. I can’t even imagine what they are going through. 🙁

You can donate here.

In honor of #Clexa, consider donating to Isla. Share on X

Clexa Con

There’s one more thing #Clexa fans asked me to share in this article about their win. They want you to know about Clexa Con. It just happened, March 3-5 in Las Vegas. The convention was designed specifically for LGBTW women and their allies. They’re already planning another convention for 2018.  The best way to stay updated on what’s happening is to follow @ClexaCon.

#Clexa fans want you to know about #ClexaCon2018. @ClexaCon @PostApocalypt Share on X

Clexa Will Not Be Forgotten

Before we sign off, we want to share with you a photo gallery to remember some of #Clexa’s great moments. These photos are all courtesy of The CW.



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Clarke and Lexa are pretty much an ultimate powerhouse couple in a post-apocalyptic world. When they met, Clarke was the leader of her people and Lexa was the leader of hers. Although there seemed to be an attraction between them pretty soon, it took a LONG time for them to acknowledge it. They put their people first, and sometimes that put them at opposite ends of the fight. It was their loyalty and integrity that kept them apart for so long.

Clarke and Lexa are a powerhouse post-apocalyptic couple. Share on X

But finally, the stars aligned and Clarke and Lexa were able to acknowledge their feelings and find happiness. Here is a beautiful video made by a fan to honor them:

We know it didn’t end well. And let’s not relive *that* part. Lexa is still there, somewhere in the flame, and there is a chance that she and Clarke may, indeed, one day meet again.

Congratulations CLEXA!

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