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Tesla Employee Pinned by Robot, Leaves ‘Trail of Blood’ Behind

Tesla Robot attack

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Today we are diving into the world of technological progress and the not-so-perfect, and dare I say scary, dance between humans and robots. Our spotlight falls on Tesla’s Giga Texas plant, where a recent incident has sparked discussions about the intricate relationship between humans and their mechanical counterparts on the factory floor. Two employees were left horrified as their colleague fell victim to a machine designed to handle freshly cast aluminum car parts. While programming software for two disabled Tesla robots nearby, the man found himself ensnared by a third robotic claw, which was left still operating. The metal appendages pierced his back and arm, leaving behind a haunting ‘trail of blood’ on the factory floor after he fell down a chute designed to collect scrap aluminum. Was this truly a Tesla robot attack? Let’s review the information.

Why Are Robots ‘Attacking’ Tesla Employees?

Picture this: a Tesla employee caught in a tight spot, pinned by a robot during a routine operation, according to a 2021 injury report submitted to Travis County and federal regulators, meticulously examined by It’s the kind of scenario that might trigger thoughts of a sci-fi dystopia where machines call the shots. Especially when headlines call it an attack by robots. However, as we dig deeper into the story, it turns out the real culprit is human error, not a machine uprising.

Gigafactory Tesla Robot Attack

The report says that in a harrowing moment, the Tesla engineer, bleeding and struggling, tried to break free from the clutches of the assembly robot. Swift action ensued as another worker urgently pressed the emergency ‘stop’ button, putting an end to the distressing attack. Upon breaking free, the engineer descended a couple of feet down a chute crafted to collect scrap aluminum, leaving a chilling trail of blood in his wake.

But wait, there’s more to this tale. Beyond the incident itself, Giga Texas is making waves for outpacing the entire auto industry in both total accidents and those serious enough to send folks on an unexpected break. So while this was human error, why is it that this specific location has more people injured – and even die – while on the clock?

Elon Musk’s Love for Tax Breaks May Be the Root Cause of Tesla Robot Attack

Tesla’s Giga Texas plant is setting a concerning trend, outpacing the entire auto industry in both overall accidents and those severe enough to warrant time off. A comprehensive review by The Information reveals a troubling statistic: in 2022, nearly one out of every 21 workers at Tesla’s Giga Texas factory suffered on-the-job injuries. This contrasts with the industry median rate of one in every 30 workers. The disparity raises questions about workplace safety standards and practices within the high-profile electric vehicle manufacturer.


Insider information shared with The Information indicates that the swift construction of the Giga Texas facility over a mere two-year period contributed to a relaxed approach to safety, resulting in a surge of injuries among workers. In a notable incident, a production associate faced a setback when their ankle got entangled with a moving cart in August 2022. The severity of the injury was such that the employee was unable to work for an extended period—127 days, spanning over four months.

The news often says Tesla’s factory is in Austin, but it’s more precisely in a place nearby without its own local government, called Del Valle. Tesla got more than $60 million in tax breaks from Travis County and the Del Valle Independent School District for picking this spot, as per Bloomberg.

Tesla's Gigafactory in Texas
Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas

However, the deal for these tax breaks had some specific rules that Musk’s company might not be sticking to, says Alexander, the lawyer from the Workers Defense Project. ‘There is this requirement that Tesla compile a compliance report every year for the purposes of this ‘economic development’ incentive agreement,’ Alexander told via phone. ‘What I’ve found — with a lot of the construction workers I’ve talked to, who’ve had injuries — is that their injuries haven’t been in the report. Like the worker who died, Antelmo Ramírez, his death was not recorded, and the agreement between the county [Travis County] and Tesla — or with, you know, the Colorado River Project, LLC, the entity that Tesla was ‘doing business as’ here — was very clear.’

The construction worker, a contractor named Antelmo Ramírez, tragically lost his life to heat stroke while contributing to the construction of Tesla’s expansive Giga Texas factory, as reported by the Travis County medical examiner.

For more information, make sure to read the report on The Daily Mail website.

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