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Ten ASOIAF Fan Theories That You Absolutely Must Read #1

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If you’ve read the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, then I’ve got a treat for you. GRRM has hidden some amazing plot lines “in plain sight”, but under your radar. Some of these theories will make your jaw drop. And some are total bullshit. Regardless, prepare to be entertained:

1. BOLT ON! apply directly to the forehead.

by maj312

Roose Bolton is one of the most mysterious characters in ASOIAF. This theory says that maybe there is a point behind why he collects the skins of his adversaries. Maybe Roose Bolton, like the faceless men, can use the flesh of others to create powerful disguises.

2. Doing the legwork on the BOLT-ON theory.

by Megatron_McLargeHuge

This is the natural continuation of Bolt On and I find the discussion about Coldhands to be most intriguing. The parallels between Bolton and Coldhands are striking and far too detailed to chock up to mere coincidence.

And then, the actor who plays Roose Bolton recently teased that there could be a connection between the White Walkers and the Bolton family:

3. Where DO whores go? – Tyrion’s first wife is ALIVE and you’ve seen her. Recently.

The Halfdivorce by Daendrew
The next time Tyrion muses about where whores go – you’ll say “Oh! I know!”

4. Littlefinger Is A…Hero?

Petyr Baelish is the tragic hero of ASOIAF by BeautifulMania

GRRM is the master at making you like someone, hate them, like them, and then hate them again. (ref Jaime Lannister) It may be his best quality as a writer. But did you know that Petyr Baelish was right in killing Lysa Tully? Well, maybe not. But this theory makes a pretty darned good case that Littlefinger isn’t the bad guy you thought he was.

5. Clegane Bowl: Get Hype!

Here’s a Great Summary by Kim Renfro
A Great Video Summary by Alt Shift X

We recently received a seemingly legit confirmation from the actor Ian McShane regarding the Hound

So, as you can see, it’s time to #GetHype
A movie poster depicts the Clegane brothers showdown. Get Hype.
Photo source: Alex and The Watchers on the Wall Season 6 Photoshop Challenge

6. The Crypts of Winterfell (Read the top comment at the link.)

The crypts of Winterfell are an odd place. A lot of unsolved mystery surrounds it. Like what in there caused Hodor to lose his mind? Why can’t women be buried there? Why does Jon Snow keep dreaming about it? Why did Catelyn try so hard to recover Ned’s bones?

This theory posits that Winterfell’s crypts hold more than just the dead Kings of Winter.

The comment by TheWaker on an innocent question is a fully grown theory in itself and should be read first. TheWaker’s comment was inspired by this post:

The Importance of Winterfell, and a theory of the Great Other.
by mach4potato

7. Cold War I. How to Kill Your Neighbors and Still Feel Good About Yourself

by yezenontheinternet

the other ride giant spders

You’ll find great pictures and even comedy in this series. What is the Long Night? What are the Others? What motivates the Others? And where is GRRM taking this story? yezenontheinternet is pretty sure he knows the answer. You’re going to want to read all the sequels to this one.

8. From Death to Dawn: Jon Snow Will Rise as The Sword of the Morning

9. R + L = Lightbringer

by Schmendrick

What does Zorastorism have to do with A Song of Ice and Fire? Quite a lot, in fact. I’m pretty sure this essay cracked the “Nissa Nissa” code.

Don’t even try to find part 3. It simply doesn’t exist. The OP (original poster) just abruptly stopped writing after he promised to respond to several comments. Some think he’s dead. Some think he got too close to the truth and GRRM threatened him into silence. I favor the latter.

10. It is known: On comets, nuclear winter, and the birth of dragons.

Astronomy Explains the Legends of Ice and Fire by LuciferMeansLightbringer

This is a long one. But it is REALLY good. Superb research and gobs of insight make this a must-read for ASOIAF fans.

Bonus Theory

And, lastly, a little something extra for you fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Seriously, if you aren’t a Sunny show watcher, this link and video will do nothing but confuse you.

Arthur Dayne and Darkstar by neiltc

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