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How to Stream Tales of the Walking Dead Online


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Tales of the Walking Dead hit AMC this past Sunday and fans loved the new Terry Crews and Olivia Munn Duo. Some of us have to enviously share the episode through tweets since AMC is not an option. But here we are coming at you with great news! Here’s how you can watch Tales of the Walking Dead Online.

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How to Stream Tales of The Walking Dead

Tales of the Walking Dead is the all-new addition to The Walking Dead universe on AMC, and if you have AMC+ you can have access to episodes a week earlier than their release date. You should look into if there is a possibility for you to watch it for free since they often offer trials at reduced costs to new consumers.

Here is the schedule, right from TWD’s official Twitter account.

Where Else Can I Stream Tales of the Walking Dead?

There are a few other ways for you to be able to watch the series. If you have any of these services already, you’ll be in luck! You can watch Tales of the Walking Dead through AppleTV, Amazon Prime Video, and Roku.

Another way for you to immerse yourself in the new stories is through Sling. Unfortunately, TotWD is not currently on Netflix or even Hulu for that matter, which is surprising since The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead are both available through the service. 

What Can We Expect in This Anthology?

In the very first episode, viewers were taken on a journey in the form of a road trip tale, in which a recluse prepper (Terry Crews) leaves his bunker in quest of a female survivalist from his past. Along the way, he comes into an improbable buddy (Olivia Munn) who is the complete antithesis of him. They band together in an attempt to track out their missing loved ones and succeed.

Tales of the Walking Dead online
Tales of the Walking Dead crew at a ComicCon panel. Credit: IMDB.

People were tweeting their reactions during AMC’s premiere and were very excited about this episode.

This episode was probably a great hit since the two actors seem to be bumping into each other a lot. So much so that they shared phone numbers and texted each other when they got the role.

In an interview with ET, Crews recalled the moment. “She’s just the best. And, you know, once I took the role, I got a text from her saying, ‘Hey, Joe.’ And I was like, ‘How does she know that?’ And so I said, ‘Hey, are you gonna be Evie?’ And she’s like, ‘Yep. I’m Evie.’ And I couldn’t believe it. She said, ‘Man, I just had this baby and now my first job is gonna be killing zombies.”

This anthology contains six episodes, each with a different story. You will be able to revisit some returning characters and explore a different perspective of their lives, too. We’re really looking forward to episode 3 in which we’ll witness the background story of Whisperers, Alpha and her daughter Lydia. 

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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