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How to Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 9 Online

Chainsaw Man Episode 9 (MAPPA)

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Chainsaw Man Episode 9 drops on Tuesday, December 6, 2022. Last week’s intense episode ended on a cliffhanger with at least one major character dead, but likely more. So there’s no doubt that you’ll want to stream the new episode as soon as it’s online. We’ve included all the details below about how to stream Chainsaw Man Episode 9’s English sub online, including links for both U.S. and international viewers. So no matter where you’re living, you’ll find options here. 

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Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 9 Online in the U.S.

Chainsaw Man (MAPPA)
Chainsaw Man (MAPPA)

There are only 12 episodes in Chainsaw Man’s first season, so including today we only have four episodes left! 

Episode 9 drops at 9 a.m. Pacific/10 a.m. Mountain/11 a.m. Central/12 p.m. Eastern in the United States on Tuesday, December 6, 2022. But it will be available in Japan on TV about two hours before that, leaving plenty of time for people to post spoilers online. So just stick to this article until you’ve gotten a chance to watch it! 

In the U.S., there are two legal options for streaming new episodes of Chainsaw Man: Hulu and Crunchyroll. The episodes aren’t available on Netflix or Funimation, though they do get added to Amazon a little later. But Hulu and Crunchyroll are the only places to get the English subs as soon as they drop. 

Stream Chainsaw Man Episode 9 on Crunchyroll (Links)

To stream Chainsaw Man Episode 9 on Crunchyroll, click here to go to Crunchyroll’s Chainsaw Man page. On the dropdown menu, choose “S1 – Chainsaw Man” to make sure you’re looking for the sub release and not any of the dubs (which are a couple of weeks behind.) This will ensure you’re looking at the English subs. Then you’ll be able to see Episode 8 as soon as it’s available. (It may be delayed a few minutes if servers get overloaded.) 

To watch Chainsaw Man Episode 8 on Crunchyroll for free, you’ll need a free trial, which will work as long as you haven’t subscribed or had a free trial before. The free trial options are here at this link. They include 14-day free trials for Fan, Mega Fan, and Ultimate Fan accounts, all without ads. 

Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 9 on Hulu (Links)

To watch Chainsaw Man Episode 9 on Hulu, click here to go to Hulu’s main page. If you’re not subscribed to Hulu, you’ll be taken to a signup page. If you are subscribed, just type “Chainsaw Man” in the search bar, and you’ll go straight to the main page. Here you can find Episode 9 (the subtitled version.)

If you want to watch Chainsaw Man Episode 9 on Hulu for free, Hulu offers a free trial here. This lasts for a month, and will get you through at least part of the remaining season. 

Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 9 on Amazon Prime

Chainsaw Man’s episodes are available at this link on Amazon Prime. These are labeled as the original Japanese version, and the only audio listed is Japanese. They also don’t mention whether subtitles are included or not. So it’s not clear if you can access subtitled episodes this way. So far all the episodes through Episode 8 are on here, and Episode 9 will be added sometime after it debuts on streaming platforms. 

The simuldubs are added to Amazon at this link (currently available through Episode 6.) These episodes do show that subtitles are also available, but the audio language is English. So this is where you’ll want to go to get the dubs off Amazon. 

How to Stream Chainsaw Man Episode 9 Outside the U.S.

To watch Chainsaw Man Episode 9 outside the U.S., your streaming platform won’t be Hulu (though it could still be Crunchyroll.) Chainsaw Man’s official website (translated by Google) notes the following streaming platforms for international viewers. You’ll also want to note that the release time might be earlier than it is in the United States, since it releases in Japan two hours before it releases in the U.S.

  • Amazon Prime Video (releases in the U.S. later than on Crunchyroll or Hulu) 
  • Netflix (likely just in Japan, according to Beebom
  • Ani-One (India, some Asian countries, according to Beebom)
  • Animax Korea (South Korea)
  • Biliable (China)
  • Disney+ (Japan) 
  • ABEMA Premium (Japan) 
  • dTV (Japan)
  • d Anime Store for Prime Video (Japan)
  • BE (Japan)
  • J:COM on Demand Mega Pack (Japan)
  • milplus (Japan) 
  • Paravi (Japan) 
  • SPOOX (Japan) 
  • Tuesday (Japan) 
  • U-Next (Japan) 
  • WOWOW on demand (Japan) 
  • Animeka (Japan) 
  • anime times (Japan) 
  • All-y0u-can-eat anime (Japan) 
  • au smart pass premium (Japan) 
  • bandai channel (Japan) 
  • Hikari TV (Japan) 
  • Flat video (Japan) 
  • Crunchyroll is available in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and CIS

Episode 8 Recap of Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Episode 8
Chainsaw Man Episode 8

There are spoilers below for Episode 8. For a full review, see our article here

Last week’s episode was intense and had some really unexpected twists that left viewers unsure just what was happening next. The episode had a slow, uncomfortable start that picked up with Himeno and Denji right where they left off. Denji ended up turning down Himeno’s advances when he decided he wanted to be with Makima. 

In the morning, Himeno said she was black-out drunk and thankful that Denji turned her down. They made a pact to help each other get with the people they truly liked: Denji with Makima and Himeno with Aki. 

Makima, meanwhile, goes on a trip to Kyoto for an important meeting, feeling intimidated about the people she’s going to meet up with. On their train trip, she and her traveling companion get ambushed, and we see Makima shot in the head.

It sets everything in the episode on a completely different course. Did Makima really die? Or will she somehow survive, like Denji has survived his own “death” experiences?

After this, a lot of people on the team are taken out by gunfire attacks (or at least, we hear the gunfire shots and are left to wonder if the ambushes worked or not.) This includes Kobeni and Arai. 

Meanwhile, Denji, Himeno, Aki, and Power enjoying a ramen meal together when a strange man from the Yakuza starts talking to them. He’s seated next to them, and the old man that Denji used to work for was his grandfather. He attacks, shooting Denji in the head and injuring Himeno. When Aki tries to get the Fox Devil to eat the man, we learn that he’s another not-human/not-devil creature just like Denji. 

Aki can only take him out by calling on the power of the Sword Devil he’s contracted with (named the Curse Devil), because KatanaMan is too powerful for anyone else to beat. And the Curse Devil is creepy AF. 

But it’s not enough. A blonde shows up and brings KatanaMan back to life. KatanaMan moves so fast that he’s able to stab Aki in the back. Himeno, seeing what happened, can’t stand the idea of losing another partner. So she gives over her whole body (or whatever is left of it) to the Ghost Devil to take out KatanaMan. 

But just before it can finish its job, the blonde calls on a Snake Devil to eat the Ghost Devil, and it looks like KatanaMan may have escaped. 

We’re left seeing Himeno’s body has completely disappeared and she’s likely now either a ghost or dead. Makima may be dead. The rest of their team may be gone. Denji was shot in the head. 

What is left? 

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