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How to Watch Chainsaw Man’s Episode 3 Dub Online

Chainsaw Man Episode 3 dub online (MAPPA)

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If you liked Chainsaw Man’s second dub, then you’re no doubt counting down the minutes until you can watch the Chainsaw Man Episode 3 dub. Each episode just really builds on the previous one, so you’re in for a real treat. Here are all the details on where you can watch Chainsaw Man’s Episode 3 dub in English online, including a possible new streaming source in the U.S. 

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How to Stream Chainsaw Man Episode 3’s Dub Online

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 (MAPPA)
Chainsaw Man Episode 2 (MAPPA)

Chainsaw Man’s third English dub drops on Tuesday, November 8 at 12:30 p.m. Pacific. In other time zones, this is 1:30 p.m. Mountain/2:30 p.m. Central/3:30 p.m. Eastern. Crunchyroll confirmed with Post Apocalyptic Media that this time should remain the same, even though Daylight Savings happened on Sunday.

However, there’s still a small chance it might drop an hour early, so you can always check early just in case. 

The only place you can stream the dub as soon as it’s available is on Crunchyroll. The dub won’t be added to Funimation, even though Attack on Titan dubs used to be dropped there at the same time as Crunchyroll. And although it will be added to Hulu eventually, it likely won’t happen until the season is over. 

To watch the Chainsaw Man dub on Crunchyroll: Click here to go to Crunchyroll’s Chainsaw Man page. Scroll down and you should see S1. Change the dropdown menu to “Chainsaw Man S1 – English Dub.” The dub will be added to this page once it’s available.

You’ll notice that there are other dub translations too, in case you are interested in watching the dub in other languages too. 

Crunchyroll has free trials if you’ve never used a free trial before. You can find the free trial options here. They include 14-day free trials for Fan, Mega Fan, and Ultimate Fan accounts. All three include no ads.

You May Also Be Able to Watch the Dub on Amazon Prime

Will Chainsaw Man ever add its dubs to Amazon Prime? It looks like it will, but a little later. (Note: The following two links are affiliate links.) 

Amazon Prime appears to have an English dub for Episode 1 available here in English, along with subtitles available too. Episode 2 is also listed, but the English language dub hasn’t been added yet, according to the listing. We haven’t tested the dub yet to see if it works, but it’s certainly worth trying! So it looks like the dubs are being added, but not until a week or so after they’re added to Crunchyroll. 

Chainsaw Man Episodes 1, 3, and 4 are also available in non-dub form on Amazon Prime, but those are just the Japanese versions. 

Episode 2 Recap

You can check out our full review of Episode 2 here, but a briefer recap is below. 


We met two new characters in Episode 2, and their introductions gave them a solid foundation for future episodes.

First, there was Aki Hayakawa, and he and Denji immediately didn’t get along. In fact, Denji even won a fight with him, since he fights “streetwise.” But now he has to live with Hayakawa so he can be watched closely. (If he leaves, Makima said he’ll be killed.)

There was a really funny montage showing Aki being quite upset as Denji was simply being Denji. Can’t wait to see more of these two!

Aki oversees the Public Safety Devil Extermination Special Division 4, where they use people with strange powers that might make them a danger to humans otherwise. Denji’s been added to that group. 

At the very end, we met Power, who’s also in Division 4 and is Denji’s new partner. Power is a rare case where a devil takes over a human’s body (turning them into a Fiend), but the body retains some “rationality” somehow. It will be interesting to see how her dynamic works in future episodes. 

We also saw Denji’s relationship with Makima grow, although he’s still wary of her and not sure what her motivations are. 

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