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Chainsaw Man Episode 5: Live Countdown to Premiere Time

Chainsaw Man Episode 5 (MAPPA)

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Chainsaw Man’s fifth episode will premiere on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Last week, Episode 4 had just the right mix of comedy, action, and mystery. But it’s time to continue the story! When is Episode 5 premiering? Will the air time be affected because of the Daylight Savings time change, when U.S. viewers “fell back” an hour? In the story below, we’re embedding a live countdown so you can know exactly when the subtitled episode drops in the U.S. 

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Chainsaw Man Countdown Timer & Daylight Savings Updates

The English-subtitled version of Chainsaw Man Episode 5 drops in the U.S. on Tuesday, November 8, at 9 a.m. Pacific on both the Crunchyroll and Hulu streaming platforms. In other time zones, this translates to 10 a.m. Mountain, 11 a.m. Central, and 12 p.m. Eastern.

But does Daylight Savings time affect the time at all? When we “fell back” an hour, does that mean the episodes will drop earlier in the U.S.? 

Post Apocalyptic Media reached out to Crunchyroll about this very question. A representative told us that as of the time they replied, the premiere time for the new episodes are not changing. So based on that information, we’re providing a countdown timer below that we created from TickCounter. It should be fully responsive and adjust based on the device you’re using.

Chainsaw Man Countdown

Please note that there is still a slight chance that the above countdown timer might be wrong, and Chainsaw Man might drop on Hulu and Crunchyroll a full hour earlier than expected due to the time change. (Every year when the time changes back, Attack on Titan premieres an hour later than it had before.) However, at the time this article was published — according to what Crunchyroll reps know — the time should not be changing for the sub’s drop. 

(Note that the episode dubs are on a completely different schedule.) 

You might as well leave this page up and running until the new Chainsaw Man episode drops. Then you can just glance at it whenever you want to know just how longer you’ll need to wait!

Backup Live Timer

Chainsaw Man Episode 5 (MAPPA)
Chainsaw Man Episode 5 (MAPPA)

If for any reason the timer above doesn’t work, we’re providing a backup below. This one isn’t responsive, so if you’re using a mobile device you may need to hold it horizontally to see the timer correctly. 

(Remember: The episode drops in Japan a full hour before the sub drops in the U.S., so beware of spoilers online!)

The timer below is from

Remember: sometimes if servers get overloaded, the episode might not be available right away like it typically is. If you can’t load the episode, check back in about 15 to 20 minutes later (sometimes an hour.) Or try to go to Episode 4 and jump ahead to the very end. Then let it keep on playing after the episode ends and it might jump ahead to Episode 5.

Chainsaw Man News

The biggest Chainsaw Man news is that Ame Talk! will be dedicating a special feature to Chainsaw Man on November 17.  This is a TV broadcast about the manga. 

On Reddit, u/radischen2 noted, “Thats big. A really popular talk show. Generally things that get featured on there have the potential to blow up. Thats how kingdom got big.” 

In addition, a pop-up shop and ARG type game seem to be continuing on the Tokyo Subway through November 28, according to a rough Google translation of the anime’s official website

But there’s also another pop-up shop coming soon at Baseyard Tokyo called the “Chainsaw Man Great Exchange Exhibition.” This will have “recently drawn illustrations” that will be sold only at this venue and more. The official website for the pop-up shop currently just reads “Coming Soon,” without a date or any additional details. 

In addition, a cosplayer named MIMARI recently went viral for looking exactly like Makima’s twin. As of the time this article was published, they had already gained more than 372,000 likes and 358 replies. From the wig with the braid to the Public Safety suit, the cosplayer really does get every aspect of Makima’s look just right. 

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