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How to Watch Attack on Titan’s Season 4 Episode 26 English Dub Online

Attack on Titan's Season 4 Episode 26 dub (Funimation)

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Attack on Titan isn’t over yet for English dub viewers! If you’re interested in streaming Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 26 online, we’ve got all the details below. There are two different ways to watch the English dub of Episode 85 online.

Here's how to watch the #AttackonTitan Season 4 Episode 26's English dub online, aka Episode 84. Share on X

Stream Attack on Titan Episode 84’s English Dub on Crunchyroll or Funimation

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Attack on Titan’s Season 4 Episode 25 English dub can be streamed on Funimation or on Crunchyroll starting Sunday night, April 17, at 9:30 p.m. Central/10:30 p.m. Eastern/8:30 p.m. Mountain/7:30 p.m. Pacific/3:30 a.m. UTC, according to a representative from Funimation.

You can watch the English dub of Episode 85 on Funimation at this link or on Crunchyroll at this link

When you’re ready to watch, change the dropdown menu on Funimation to Season 4. Each episode will have “English/Japanese” beneath the episode title (and other languages where available) once the dub is available. This allows you to choose between the sub (Japanese) or dub. Once the new episode has “English” listed under the title, you’ll know the dub is available.

As for Crunchyroll, you’ll just need to find the S4 English Dubs menu for Attack on Titan, which we linked to above. 

Funimation recently bought Crunchyroll and the two services are merging under the Crunchyroll banner. This is why the dubs are now available on Crunchyroll too. Ultimately, Funimation will be phased out and Crunchyroll will be the only location for Attack on Titan dubs, but it’s not clear when this will take place. 

You Can Watch the English Dub on Toonami Every Saturday Night If You Have Cable

If you have a cable or satellite subscription that includes Cartoon Network (or Adult Swim/Toonami), then you can watch the English dub ever Saturday night/early Sunday morning, hours before they’re on Crunchyroll. But the catch is that this is only available to people with cable/satellite subscriptions that include the Cartoon Network (which is also Adult Swim/Toonami.)  

According to Toonami’s schedule, Season 4 Episode 26 (“Traitor”) aired on TV at 12:30 a.m. Eastern on Sunday, April 17. In other time zones, this is 11:30 p.m. Central on Saturday night, April 16, and 9:30 p.m. Pacific on Saturday night.

But if you missed it, you can still watch it later. It will likely be available on Demand with whichever cable service you’re using. If you prefer streaming, Toonami’s airing should also be available on Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, AT&T Now, and YouTube TV services, as long as you have a package that includes access to the Cartoon Network. (Note that this is Hulu with Live TV, not the regular Hulu service.)

You can see Toonami’s schedule here. Clicking on the Attack on Titan link on Toonami takes you to Adult Swim’s page here. Season 4 Episode 26 will be added at this link (after it has streamed on TV), but you’ll need a cable login to watch. 

Season 4 Episode 25 Refresher

Here’s where we left off last week (spoilers below from last week!) For a full review, check out our review and analysis of S4E25 here.

The episode helped us understand just how fragile the new alliance is, and how easily it could break down.

Throughout most of the episode, the group determined to save the world sat around a campfire, hashing out their differences. Magath, Pieck, Yelena, Hange, Jean, Mikasa, Armin, Connie, Gabi, Annie, Onyankopon, and Falco were all there. (While Levi slept.)

In the beginning, we saw Jean’s internal struggle with the life he could have had (and how he’s still in love with Mikasa), punctuated by the knowledge that he just can’t stand by and let genocide happen. But he and Magath are still at odds, with neither able to even remotely see things from the other’s point of view.

We also learned that Yelena was lying this whole time. She was a Marleyan pretending to be from an overthrown country so she could secure her place in history by Zeke’s side, saving the world.

Mikasa and Annie almost came to blows when Annie correctly suspected that Mikasa likely would not be able to bring herself to kill Eren. Mikasa, of course, was also correct to be very skeptical and wary of Annie and her motivations. But they put their differences aside for now and will deal with their issues if the time comes.

Jean’s struggle eventually spilled over into intense anger at Reiner for killing Marco. He beat up Reiner and only stopped because Gabi stepped in and got kicked by accident. After she was kicked, she delivered the most heart-wrenching apology to Jean, begging him to help save her family and friends. Her cries even impacted Magath and may begin to help him see things differently.

Levi slept through the whole thing, only wakening briefly to comment with annoyance at how noisy they were all being. I absolutely loved that moment.

We’re left with a cliffhanger. The Jaegerists took control of the port and Floch has taken Azumabito hostage. Things are even more precarious now.

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