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How to Watch Attack on Titan’s Season 4 Episode 19 English Dub Online

AoT S4E19 English dub (Funimation)

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It’s Attack on Titan Saturday/Sunday! Season 4 Episode 19’s English dub of Attack on Titan is dropping soon. Here are all the details on the official release date, along with links for watching online. Read on to learn everything we know about how to watch the English dub of Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 19 online, (aka Episode 78, “Two Brothers.”)

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Stream Attack on Titan Episode 78’s English Dub on Funimation

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Season 4 Episode 19’s dub, called “Two Brothers,” will drop on Funimation on Sunday, February 17. It will likely be in the evening (sometimes as late as 10 or 11 p.m.) but it could be earlier. The episodes release one each week.

You can watch the English dub on Funimation at this link.

A representative from Funimation confirmed with Post Apocalyptic Media that the dubs drop weekly on Sunday, but that they can’t say exactly what time it will occur each week. And even though the subs have a consistent time of 3:45 p.m Eastern every Sunday on Funimation, the dubs don’t have a guaranteed time each week themselves.

To ensure you don’t miss it once it does drop, be sure you change the dropdown menu on Funimation to Season 4, so you’ll be able to see when the new episode is out. Each episode will have “English/Japanese” beneath the episode title, so you can choose if you want the sub or the dub version. Once “Two Brothers” has “English” listed under the episode and not just Japanese, you’ll know that the dub is ready.

To watch the new episode, you’ll need an account. However, you can also get a free trial on Funimation at the same link above, to test the platform.

The new dub released this week will not be on Hulu or Crunchyroll yet.

You Can Watch the Dub on Toonami if You Have a Cable Subscription

Every week, Toonami receives the newest dub episode a few hours before Funimation. Thus, Season 4 Episode 19 will air on Toonami at 12:30 a.m. Eastern on Sunday, February 27 (11:30 p.m. Central on Saturday night, February 26.) It will air on the TV channel listed as Adult Swim/Cartoon Network or Toonami (all are names for the same channel number.) Note that in some regions and time zones, the time may vary depending on your cable provider, so be sure and confirm.

If you’re wanting to stream Toonami without a cable subscription, it should also be available on Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, AT&T Now, and YouTube TV. (Note that this is Hulu with Live TV, not the regular Hulu service. Hulu with Live TV is a more expensive premium service.)

You can see Toonami’s schedule here. Clicking on the Attack on Titan link on Toonami takes you to Adult Swim’s page here. Season 4 Episode 19 will be added at this link (although possibly after it has streamed on TV), but you’ll need a cable login to watch the episode on their webpage too.

Season 4 Episode 18 Refresher

Here’s where we left off last week. For a full review, check out our review and analysis of S4E18 here.

Last week was an intense episode that ended with a major cliffhanger, as numerous characters began to converge all at the same point. As Eren gets closer and closer to making contact with Reiner, many other characters are all trying to stop that from happening (or help, depending on their ideology.)

In S4E18, Armin continued to believe in Eren and convinced everyone else — including Mikasa — to keep fighting for him too. He also firmly believes that the story Eren told Mikasa about her being “controlled” and not believing in Eren out of her own free will is a lie.

Reiner, meanwhile, continued in his fight to stop Eren, whether or not he even truly believed in his cause any more. Zeke showed up to save Eren as chaos and near-death descended upon him, but even Zeke wasn’t strong enough to withstand Marley’s intense offensive.

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