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Soulslike Game Deathbound Set To Launch in 2024


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Another action RPG game joins the ranks of soulslike with the all-new Deathbound, set in a crumbling civilization. The game promises survival in a ‘brutal reality where Life and Death were never more conflicted.’ Vicarious PR announced that the new Tate Multimedia game will release 2024.

What is Deathbound About?

Deathbound takes place in a decaying society where the conflict between zealous belief and extraordinary scientific advancements has devastated the once-thriving world of Ziêminal and the grand city of Akratya. As players embark on their crusade, they will face formidable monsters that will challenge the determination and bravery of all who dare to confront them. In the realm of Ziêminal, moral absolutes like good and evil give way to various justifications and perspectives.


Essence from fallen warriors provides a platform to tailor personalized playstyles by offering a wide array of skills and abilities. It also enables players to create a party of heroes. With dynamic transformation, players have the freedom to switch between party members instantaneously, enabling them to adapt to various dangerous scenarios they encounter. Through Binding, gamers can unleash powerful Morphstrikes, harnessing the collective abilities of the fallen they have absorbed. A skillfully executed Morphstrike holds the potential to significantly alter the course of a battle.

Some Key Features

The Essence: Acquire the skills, memories, and personas of fallen warriors scattered throughout the world. Merge their distinct personalities and combat styles, seamlessly switching between them during gameplay.

Binding System: The essences you assimilate form your party, presenting a versatile and comprehensive party system. Customize your playstyle through talent trees and switch between fallen warriors to harness their unique skills and abilities. The past affiliations of each party member influence their synergy in the realm of death.

Dynamic Morphing: Unleash the combined powers of fallen warriors through formidable Morphstrikes. Employ different attack styles to execute devastating combinations and finishing blows, toppling all adversaries that stand in your path.

Brutal World: Ziêminal is a captivating world blending a technological past with a medieval present, showcasing diverse cultures. The city of Akratya is steeped in lore and perils. Explore a city teetering on the brink of decay, shaped by the shadows of a grand crusade.

Unforgiving Monsters and Bosses: Confront formidable enemies, purposefully designed to push your skills to the limits. Rooted in the five stages of grief, each encounter demands the unwavering attention and strength of any soul brave enough to face them.

Deathbound is scheduled for release in 2024. Players who are excited to explore the world of Akratya and delve into its rich history can do so by adding Deathbound to their wishlist on Steam and becoming part of the official Deathbound Discord server.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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