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Skinwalker Ranch Owner: Alien Entity Paralyzed Friend Before UFO Appeared

Brandon Fugal (The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch)

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Skinwalker Ranch has long been a source of rumored alien activity and strange phenomena that defy explanation. In fact, the ranch was once the subject of an intense federal government investigation that remains classified to this day. In a recent interview, Brandon Fugal, owner of Skinwalker Ranch, revealed a strange encounter he had shortly after purchasing the ranch, when his security guard was paralyzed by an alien entity and a UFO revealed itself in the middle of the day. The chilling incident turned him from a skeptic to a believer.

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The Entity Paralyzed Fugal’s Security Guard

Fugal shared stories about the ranch during an August 2023 interview with the Shawn Ryan Show on YouTube, including recounting a chilling incident on the ranch that left him without any doubt that something unearthly was happening there. 

When Fugal first acquired the ranch, he thought he would be finding prosaic explanations for all the mysterious phenomena. He also brought on Erik Bard, a physicist who had just helped him disprove a different scientific inquiry. Together, he believed they would find there were natural explanations that didn’t point to alien entities, he told Shawn Ryan. 

The ranch wasn’t in great condition when he acquired it in April 2016, Fugal shared in the interview. The septic system wasn’t working, there was no fiber optic connectivity, and reports were simply transmitted by fax. For the first few months, he worked with Thomas Winterton and Jim Morris to just build out the infrastructure. 

Over time, Fugal became less of a skeptic and more of a believer, as evidence and unexplained phenomena kept adding up. By October 2016, he was convinced something was going on because so many unexplainable events had happened in just that short period of time. 

Some of the encounters included phone batteries dying at a strangely fast rate, phones turning purple and acting erratically, people feeling woozy while technology was acting strange… But the big event happened on October 14, 2016, he shared around 1:50 into the interview with Shawn Ryan. 

Both of his brothers were on the ranch at first, but they felt so uneasy at one point that they insisted on leaving the property.

It was shortly after this that Fugal realized they had lost track of their security guard, George. Fugal went off to look for him around Homestead 3. 

Fugal said that while he was looking around the back of Homestead 3, he felt an odd change to the world around him.

“(It felt like) something cupped my ears and … all of my hearing was impacted,” he recalled. “It was as if I walked into a soundproof room… All of the ambient noise disappears.”

That’s when things got really strange. 

“Then I see off in the distance, standing fully upright, this six-foot-six giant of a man in the back of his UTV and I thought, ‘That’s odd,'” Fugal told Shawn Ryan. “So I yell his name, ‘George!’ … It’s almost like yelling underwater… I proceed to walk to get closer and he’s not responding. And as I near the vehicle and shout his name again, he’s standing upright with his eyes closed.”

As Fugal closed in on the vehicle, the weird experience he was having with the sound went away.

“Right as I’m nearing the vehicle, all of the ambient noise, all of the sound, comes back… ” he recalled. “And as I yell his name again, his (George’s) eyes flutter open and he looked down at me.” 

When Fugal asked him what was happening, his security guard had a strange story to share. 

Fugal said that George told him: “When you pulled up and you stopped the vehicle, when you all jumped out, I stood up and found myself paralyzed. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, and then everything went black. 

That’s when Fugal told him that he had probably been like that for 10 minutes or so. And George shared that nothing like this had ever happened to him before. 

“Ten minutes had passed…” Fugal said. “He felt odd. He expressed the fact that he felt a little bit off.”

His security guard was in the hospital for weeks after the encounter, struggling with an illness that couldn’t be diagnosed. 

Shortly after the Guard Was Paralyzed, a Silver-Gray Disc Appeared Over the Mesa

Screenshot from Brandon Fugal's interview with Shawn Ryan (YouTube)
Screenshot from Brandon Fugal’s interview with Shawn Ryan (YouTube)

The strange encounter didn’t stop there. Fugal told Shawn Ryan in the interview (around 1:58) that he had a clear encounter with a UFO just a few minutes later. 

They saw a 40- to 50-foot-long silver-gray disc over the Mesa in the middle of the day. It was perfectly clear, about 150 feet above the Mesa, and making strange maneuvers. 

“We’re driving on that dirt road at the base of the Mesa…” Fugal told Ryan. “And as we’re about halfway back to Homestead 1 — or the ranch house or the command center as we now call it — the other security professional in the back starts shouting, ‘Stop the vehicle!'”

He stopped the car and looked at where the professional was pointing. 

“Right above the Mesa at 4:00 in the afternoon on October 14, and there is a 40, 50-foot long, silver-greyish disc-like object,” Fugal recalled. “What can only be described as a flying saucer. And it’s just sitting there, in broad daylight, clear as day, right above the Mesa. Probably about … a hundred feet above the Mesa.”

Fugal said everyone was astonished by what they were seeing. 

“Within a couple seconds, it changes position,” he said. “It literally blinked from one position to another. Either it moved with split-second speed or it was able to change position through some other means, that moves about 50 feet to the left or to the north… In the blink of an eye, it could change position and move that quickly.”  

He and multiple witnesses saw the disc and witnessed it make those strange, quick maneuvers. 

“Seconds later it drops to just kind of a low hover above the Mesa…” Fugal recalled. “Still sitting there clear as day. It was almost like a video game. It was surreal. And then within a few seconds later, it darts to the right… And then within about 20 seconds from the start of the event, it is gone… It appeared that it either went to a dot as if it were darting off into the distance at split-second speed, or it was literally phasing out of our perception instantaneously.” 

As Fugal, his team, and even the skeptics among us grapple with the strange occurrences at Skinwalker Ranch, one thing is clear: There are phenomena that defy our current understanding of the world. Whether these are instances of alien contact, interdimensional disturbances, or something else entirely, the ranch continues to be a focal point of unexplained events that challenge conventional wisdom. It poses unsettling but captivating questions that science, so far, has not been able to answer. And as the mysteries continue to deepen, those who have witnessed them are left with more questions than answers.

One can only wonder: what else is lurking at this enigmatic ranch? The door to the unknown remains ajar, inviting us to question what we think we know.

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