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Skinwalker Ranch Owner: Alien Entity Left ‘Disturbing’ Message Caught on Camera

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In a recent interview, Brandon Fugal, owner of Skinwalker Ranch, revealed that an alien entity left a message for them on a computer screen that has left them convinced they are dealing with a superior form of intelligence. The disturbing message, he said, changed his perspective on what they are dealing with. He expects this revelation to be covered in the next season of “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.” 

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The Entity Told Them It Was Alive & the Show Will Reveal This Next Season

Fugal shared unique stories about the ranch during an August 2023 interview with the Shawn Ryan Show on YouTube, including a chilling experience that Eric Bard caught on camera. The entire interview is more than three hours long, and Fugal’s story about the entity’s message starts past the three-hour mark. 

Fugal said the incident involved Erik Bard, the principal investigator on “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.” Earlier in the interview, Fugal explained that Bard is a physicist and a skeptic. He had previously worked with Fugal on debunking an anti-gravity claim they had spent millions of dollars investigating. So he knew he could trust Bard to be skeptical when researching Skinwalker Ranch too. 

But the phenomenon they witnessed quickly pushed that skepticism aside, including one incident in particular. 

“Eric Bard … has had communication with at least one of these entities involved with manipulating the systems that has command over the technology in the platforms…” Fugal told Shawn Ryan during their interview. “We’re going to be discussing it on the docuseries this next year. But he’s definitely seen and documented evidence that we’re dealing with an intelligence that does have the desire to communicate.”

The incident happened after Bard became very frustrated with technological issues at the ranch. 

“He was dealing with security violations that were occurring repeatedly with our surveillance cameras,” Fugal recalled. “He literally asked verbally out loud, ‘If you have something to show me show me, if you have something to tell me tell me.'”

That’s when they got the message.

“In that instant, the screen morphed, melted, and digitally composed letters,” Fugal shared. “He (Bard) proceeded to record and screen capture in real time what was happening with the equipment. And what was revealed was what I believe to be compelling evidence that we’re dealing with an intelligence that is at least willing to acknowledge and wants their presence known…”

The intelligence, he said, put a message on the screen that said it was alive.

“It essentially had the simple response, again instantaneously, of ‘I living,'” Fugal said. 

After the interview was posted online, Fugal shared a photo of the image on X (formerly Twitter.) We’re including a screenshot below since people who are not logged into X can’t see the posts there. 

Photo shared by Fugal on Twitter (X)
Photo shared by Fugal on Twitter (X)

It happened when the security cameras kept registering something on the motion sensors, and many other events were happening, and it felt like something was manipulating with their systems, Fugal recalled. 

“Upon giving that command, (he) saw the entire screen morph and form the letters ‘I living’ and then snap back,” Fugal said. “All documented … All caught on camera. That has yet to be fully addressed on the docuseries, but is going to be addressed in the future… It was compelling evidence that we’re dealing with an intelligence on the ranch that has the ability to manipulate technology and systems instantaneously and has the ability to communicate and … has intention. There’s volition.”

It made them feel uneasy, he added. 

“When you see the image, it’s spooky. It’s disturbing,” he said. 

Here’s a close-up photo that Fugal also shared on X

Screenshot from Fugal's post on X
Screenshot from Fugal’s post on X

A fan of the show, Meg Walter, also blogged about this incident when she was able to visit the ranch in 2020. She wrote that she was told Bard got frustrated after there were false motion sensor notifications for five hours. That was when the pixels on the screen melted and displayed the “I Living” message. They keep a printout of the message on the ranch. 

Bigelow’s Team Called the Entities ‘Non-Human Intelligence’

Screenshot from The Shawn Ryan show on YouTube
Screenshot from The Shawn Ryan show on YouTube

When UFO whistleblower David Grusch came out with his allegations of a secret U.S. UAP retrieval program, he would not refer to the entities as aliens. Instead, he insisted they be called “non-human intelligence,” since he wasn’t certain they were extraterrestrial. Robert Bigelow owned Skinwalker Ranch prior to selling it to Fugal, and his team used a similar term to refer to the entities there. 

“It isn’t a function of proving that there’s something happening,” Fugal said. “That’s already done. … I think you can expect to see in the future hopefully some communication. I think whatever we’re dealing with is highly intelligent. I will not be surprised if at some point we are able to somehow determine how to communicate or at least see … more intelligent interaction.” 

Bigelow’s team was familiar with this entity too, Fugal added. 

“Those who came before me with the Bigelow team … refer to the phenomenon at Skinwalker Ranch as a precognitive sentient non-human intelligence…” he shared. “Based on the data, there is an intelligence operating on that ranch that has command over spacetime, over consciousness, can manipulate closed systems in a split second without leaving a trace. And, I believe, has the ability to communicate if we can understand or develop a common language at some point to be able to interact.” 

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