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Does SiM’s New Rumbling Music Video Hint at Attack on Titan’s Ending?

SiM Rumbling Music Video

SiM just released the band’s official “Rumbling” music video for Attack on Titan, and it’s phenomenal. While only a short version is heard in the anime’s official intro video, this song contains the full version. And there are moments in the video when we can’t help but wonder if the band is giving hints about how the anime might end.

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This Attack on Titan article is manga-spoiler-free and is written from the perspective of an anime-only viewer. However, there WILL be spoilers up to the current point in the anime (sub version.) For more anime-only discussions, join us on Discord or in our AoT Facebook page.

Watch the New Video Below

You can see the new video below or at the link here. SiM just released the video on March 2, after hinting at it since Attack on Titan’s anime returned.

The new video is 3:43 long — significantly longer than the intro video for the anime. You can turn on CC to read the lyrics, or see our story here to read the lyrics written all together in an article, rather than line-by-line as the song plays.

According to Wikipedia, SiM stands for Silence iz Mine, and it’s a Japanese alternative metal band. The song hit #1 on the U.S. billboard chart for hard rock songs. As of the time of this article’s publication, the official music video already had more than one million views.

Compelling Imagery Might Hint at the Anime’s Ending

The video is jam-packed with riveting imagery, and we can completely understand why it wasn’t released until now, given much of the content.

Of course, the Colossal Titan looming in the background, followed by an entire horde of Colossal Titans when the Rumbling was unleashed count among the most compelling images in this video.


The Colossal Titan is hauntingly beautiful in the video.


And the lead singer does a phenomenal job stepping into the role of Eren for the duration of the video, mirroring moments of despair, heartbreak, and complete rage.


But there are also images in the video that certainly couldn’t be released until around this point in the anime, even if they were also briefly shown in the intro video’s opening too.

They recreate Eren’s new Titan form, which is also shown in the intro video.


They show a compelling series of images hinting at the darkness and power Eren had inside him all along.


And then there’s this image — perhaps one of the moments in the video that will stick with you the most. Is this just a symbolic reference to Eren’s power? Is it a hint that he is going to gain even more power than he has now?


But perhaps most compelling at all are the two moments in the video where they show Eren fading away into nothing, almost as if he is caught up in his own personal version of Thanos’ snap from Marvel.


Watching these scenes, anime only viewers can’t help but wonder if this is hinting at Eren’s ultimate end.

It becomes even more compelling when you consider that the same moment is mirrored in the anime’s closing video, which was performed by a different artist entirely.

By now we’re all familiar with that moment, and familiar with wondering what it means.


It could just be a case of SiM sticking with the same themes seen in the ending video, or it could have a deeper meaning. Only time will tell.

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