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Senator: Aliens Would Be Best-Case Scenario for UFOs’ Origin

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After a classified Tuesday Senate briefing on the UFO shoot-downs, Senator Marco Rubio told the public that aliens would actually be the best-case scenario when it comes to deciphering the UAPs’ origins. He was one of a number of senators who seemed disturbed by what was shared. 

He Said Alien Origins Would Be His Preference in This Scenario

Sen. Rubio during a press conference (CSPAN)
Sen. Rubio during a press conference (CSPAN)

Rubio spoke with the press after the classified briefing, declaring at first that 95 to 99% of what was shared could have easily been made public and shouldn’t have been classified at all. You can watch the full video for yourself here.

Rubio emphasized that the three objects that were shot down had similarities to hundreds of objects that have been reported in recent years. He didn’t elaborate on what those similarities were, so it’s unclear if they are similar to some more benign sightings or if there were any similarities to the Nimiz UAPs. It’s worth noting, however, that the Nimitz UAPs were known to have extraordinary maneuverability and speed, while the objects that were shot down appeared to be floating at the whim of the winds, according to observations. 

Rubio did say that alien origins would really be the best-case scenario in this circumstance. 

“Alien origins?” he said. “I don’t know what we can do about that. I would hope it is, because if this is the Chinese or Russians that we can’t monitor, that sounds like a big problem.” 

Rubio also indicated that the objects didn’t appear to have weapons, and the danger was more how they might affect or even cause a commercial craft to crash. 

“I don’t think there is any indication that the objects could launch weapons,” he said. “If an airplane sucks a vulture into its engine, it would go down. Most certainly, if it takes an object the size of an ATV or car, we will have a catastrophic event.” 

Rubio Compared the Objects to Hundreds of Previous Reports That Haven’t Been Explained

Rubio emphasized that the three objects that were shot down had similarities to hundreds of objects that have been reported in recent years. 

“The other three instances, as they were described … are not new. We have heard the exact same descriptions in hundreds of cases…over U.S. airspace, particularly over sensitive areas of the country… What we heard sounds just like the stories we have heard repeatedly.” 

He went on to lament that President Joe Biden’s administration is creating a new task force to study these three objects, rather than using the task force that was already created to study UAPs. 

“My concern now is that the Department of Defense is not sharing that information with those scientists, so that you can compare the data we have on these from the ones we have retroactively.” 

Rubio was likely referring to the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, which was established in July 2022 by the Department of Defense. It’s called AARO for short, and was created to investigate UAPs and other phenomena. 

He Emphasized That the 3 Objects Did Not Resemble the Chinese Spy Balloon

It’s important to note that when Rubio talked about a payload that was classified, he was not discussing the three unknown objects. Rather, he was talking about the Chinese spy balloon. Some incorrect social media reports have indicated otherwise. 

A reporter asked, “Can you talk about the payload that was recovered?” And he said, “That is probably the 1% that I can’t share at this point. … As far as the other three, they were not Chinese spy balloons in the sense that they look anything like what was previously…” 

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