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Who Are Rachel & the Baby on Fear the Walking Dead’s Season 6 Finale?

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In the first scene of Fear the Walking Dead‘s Season 6 finale, we see a character named Rachel in a heartbreaking moment. She has a little baby and a dog with her. Who is she? Have we seen her before?

This article has spoilers for the Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 finale.

Rachel Was a Big Part of the Beginning of Season 6

The opening minutes for the finale were shared early on YouTube, and many viewers have also already seen the entire episode thanks to AMC+. But for those who already watched and those just now catching up, who exactly is the woman in the opening minutes? Who is her baby?

We later learn that her name is Rachel, but should we recognize her?

Yes, we’ve seen Rachel before. In fact, she played a big role in the beginning of the season. But that was a long time ago, so it’s understandable if you’ve forgotten by now. Even I had forgotten who she was, although she looked really familiar to me.

No, she isn’t Alicia in the future. She’s not Rosita in a crossover. (These were some fans’ guesses in the YouTube comments.)

Rachel is the woman who was married to Isaac, the man who was killed in the premiere episode of Season 6. The first episode where we met her was called “The End is the Beginning.”

The Walking Dead Wiki provides some great background information on them. They were originally both members of Virginia’s group, but they fled because they wanted a better life for their unborn daughter. Isaac met Morgan when he was fighting walkers and mistook Morgan for one of them at first. A bounty hunter, Emile, confronts Isaac while searching for Morgan, but Isaac hides that he knows where Morgan is.

Isaac later asks Morgan to help him get to his wife, because she’s staying in a valley surrounded by walkers and he can’t get to her alone. When they find Rachel, she’s just about to give birth. Isaac helps Morgan in the fight against Emile the bounty hunter, and Isaac later reveals that he was bitten by a walker much earlier in the fight. Isaac helps treat Morgan’s wounds when he passes out, and he and Rachel name their daughter after Morgan. Isaac later dies from his zombie bite, leaving Rachel and Morgan to bury him and Rachel to carry on raising her child without her husband.

The secret location where Rachel and Isaac were living ultimately becomes the site of Morgan’s new Valley Town. We later see Rachel when Morgan brings Virginia to the town, and Rachel’s understandably very angry about her arrival. She was a well-liked member of the town and appeared in several other episodes. In the penultimate episode of the season, she was one of the people who evacuated Valley Town and drove to Galveston to look for a naval base that might serve as an emergency shelter.

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