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Is Prime Video’s Fallout Series Really Considered Fallout 5?

Is Prime Video's Fall out really Fallout 5 ?

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The new Fallout series coming soon on Prime Video is setting a lot of hype within the community. Some people even go as far as saying that executive producers Todd Howard and Jonathan Nolan have confirmed the series as being the 5th installment of the game. But how would that work? And is it true? A Den of Geek exclusive interview answered that question during SXSW 2024. Let’s take a look at the details and find out if we’re looking at a possible Fallout 5 non-gaming edition.

Is Prime’s Fallout really Fallout 5?

Brotherhood of Steel
Fallout – Brotherhood of Steel

The Den of Geek article, which is about a video interview that was held with them during SXSW 2024, shows Den of Geek asking the team to elaborate on a recent statement made by Nolan to Total Film regarding the status of the TV show within the Fallout game canon. Nolan had commented, “Our series sits in relation to the games as the games sit in relation to each other. It’s almost like we’re Fallout 5. I don’t want to sound presumptuous, but it’s just a non-interactive version of it, right?”

Certain concerned fans swiftly interpreted this as an indication that the TV series was supplanting the development of a Fallout 5 game. However,  Nolan and Howard clarified that this assumption is unfounded. They emphasized that the TV series and the potential Fallout 5 game are separate entities, each with its own trajectory and development path.

Fallout Gate Opening
Fallout: Vault Gate Opening

Nolan responded, “I think it would be very presumptuous for someone to assume that we’d reach the caliber of the games. It means you have all of the benefit of beautiful storytelling that Todd and [Bethesda Game Studio] has contributed to, but we also get to tell an original story within that world. As writers and filmmakers, it’s just a dream come true.”

Todd Howard alludes, while also hastening to emphasize that the Amazon show meticulously crafted an original story that doesn’t merely replicate events from the games. “Well, there were some things where I said, ‘Don’t do this because we are going to do that in Fallout 5. It wasn’t the translation of an existing story. It was, what would the next thing be? It just happens to be a TV show.”

Fallout 5

This is relieving for fans of the game, as Fallout 5 was confirmed by Bethesda back in June 2022. “Yes, Elder Scrolls 6 is in pre-production and, you know, we’re going to be doing Fallout 5 after that, so our slate’s pretty full going forward for a while,” Howard said. He also commented that making games is no easy task, while talking about Starfield. “They do take a while, I wish they came out faster, I really do, we’re trying as hard as we can.” We can only assume that this is going to be the same with Fallout 5.

All of Fallout’s episodes are set to premiere on April 11th exclusively on Prime Video.

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