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Prime Video’s New Fallout Trailer Already Over 15.6 Million Views

Fallout Gate Opening

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We have been waiting for a bit for a new trailer of Prime Video’s Fallout series, and finally, we have been answered! Last Friday, Prime Video’s YouTube channel released the official trailer for the new show, and at the time of this writing, it had already reached 15.6 million views. Let’s take a look at the new Fallout trailer and its Easter Eggs.

The Fallout Trailer Contains a Few Easter Eggs

If you’ve played the series, you’ll be quick to realize who, or what, the new characters are, and you probably have noticed a few easter eggs through the scenes. 

The Vault Boy

Vault Boy Fall Out amazon Prime
Vault Boy – Fallout on Amazon Prime

Seen in a few scenes, the iconic vault boy has made its appearance on screen. Vault Boy is the mascot of the Vault-Tec Corporation, and is prominently showcased in their advertising campaigns, manuals, merchandise, holotape games, and instructional films, alongside his female counterpart, Vault Girl. Their presence remains constant throughout every Fallout game, evolving over time to symbolize the essence of the franchise.

Along with this Vault boy, you can see a stimpack on the left. Stimpacks are items in the game that regenerate your health.

Prime Video Fallout Easter Eggs
A vault boy is on the right, and a Stim-Pack is on the left.

The Vault Number

Fallout New Trailer Fallout Easter Eggs
Vault Number 33

Every vault dweller are dressed the same, more or less. But what makes it unique is that where they live, the Vault, is one of many. Each one has its own number, and, judging from this screenshot, we now know that the vault our main character is from is number 33.

I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire by The Ink Spots

This song is a favorite within the community. It is being played on the Pip Boy’s radio as your character explores the wastelands. This song is also played in the trailer, and seems to also have been remixed for theatrical effects.

The West Coast

Hollywood  blvd sign
Hollywood blvd sign

West Coast Best Coast? Players seem to think so! Fall Out: New Vegas is a fan favorite in the franchise and happens to take place on the west coast. In the narrative of the game, players take on the role of the Courier, tasked with transporting a mysterious package across the Mojave Desert to the rebuilt city of New Vegas, situated within the remnants of Las Vegas. In the new Fallout series, the main character, Lucy, is seen travelling through the desert and crossing settings. One of which shows a sign that indicates an exit to head toward Hollywood Boulevard.

Mr Handy

Mr Handy - Fallout
Mr Handy – Prime’s Fallout

In the game, Mister Handy emerges as a versatile robot crafted by General Atomics International prior to the cataclysmic Great War and further perfected through a partnership with RobCo Industries. Renowned for its adaptability and functionality, this model garnered widespread popularity, finding utility in the operations of government agencies, private enterprises, and everyday citizens throughout the United States.

Brotherhood of Steel

Brotherhood of Steel
Fallout – Brotherhood of Steel

The Brotherhood of Steel (BoS), often abbreviated as BoS, emerges as a post-apocalyptic paramilitary organization with a steadfast focus on technology, boasting chapters dispersed throughout the remnants of the former United States. Originating from the leadership of rogue U.S. Army officer Captain Roger Maxson in the aftermath of the Great War, the Brotherhood’s primary mission revolves around safeguarding advanced technology and enforcing strict regulations on its utilization.


Fallout: Dogmeat

Dogmeat, a beloved character in the Fallout series, serves as a non-playable character (NPC) introduced as an optional companion for the player character in the original Fallout (1997), with cameo appearances in its sequel, Fallout 2 (1998). Various iterations of Dogmeat reappear in subsequent installments such as Fallout 3 (2008) and Fallout 4 (2015), playing similar roles as loyal companions to the player character. And we’re lucky to have Dogmeat back on the screen!

Fallout’s Dogmeat

The NCR (New California Republic Army)

NCR Fallout
Fallout: NCR

In the game, the New California Republic Army (NCRA), frequently shortened to NCRA, stands as the formidable military force of the New California Republic, representing one of the most significant armed forces in the wasteland. Its prowess and renown were honed through continual skirmishes against marauders like the Great Khans and Fiends, as well as clashes with established factions such as the Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, and Caesar’s Legion.

NCR Army
NCR Army

Bomb Crater

bomb Crater Fallout
Bomb Crater – Fallout

Within the franchise, the crater has become the sacred dwelling place for a faction of the Church of the Children of Atom, who revere the site as holy despite its lethal radiation. Curiously, members of this sect appear to be immune to the radiation’s harmful effects. Perhaps we will see them once again!

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All of Fallout’s episodes are set to premiere on April 11th exclusively on Prime Video.

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