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Top 10 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Preppers & Survivalists

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Christmas is closing in on us fast, and if you want to survive the holidays, then you might be considering the best possible last-minute gifts for your prepper friends and loved ones. Time is running out for Christmas 2019. Here are some last-minute prepper gift ideas that are currently offering 2-day prime shipping on Amazon (or faster).

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We also asked our readers on Facebook to share their favorite Christmas gift ideas for preppers, and are including some of their suggestions in this story too.

What do you think is a great Christmas gift idea for a prepper or a fan of post-apocalyptic books, TV, and movies? Or better yet, what have YOU put on your wish list this year?

Posted by Post Apocalyptic Media on Sunday, December 8, 2019

Note: Post Apocalyptic Media may earn an affiliate commission from some of these links. 

1. Portable Solar Panel

Who doesn’t want a portable solar panel charger? When everything’s falling apart, you can keep things going just a little longer with this handy survival item. Even if the world’s not ending, your friends will still enjoy taking a portable solar panel with them when they go camping or hiking, so they can keep their electronics charged. One option is the Nekteck 21W Portable Solar Panel Charger.


This search link will take you to portable solar panels with Prime shipping.

2. Nuclear War Survival Skills: The Essential Book


This is one of our favorite books on how to survive a nuclear war. It’s a new edition of Cresson H. Kearny’s book originally published in 1979, updated by Kearny himself in 2001. It comprises years of scientific research conducted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This online listing says you can order the paperback now and it will arrive by Christmas thanks to Prime shipping. You can also order a Kindle version FOR FREE to read yourself or buy for just $1.99 if your friend prefers digital copies.

3. Portable Water Filter Straws

survivalist christmas

Many people love the Life Straw for water filter survival (and it can still arrive before Christmas). But you can also get the Survivor Filter and it will arrive before Christmas too (pictured above.) It has 4.5 stars out of 440 reviews. The Survivor Filter can be taken apart, cleaned, and reused. The membrane ultrafilter lasts for up to 26,417 gallons and the replaceable carbon filter lasts for up 264 gallons (so by some refills!) This is a lot more than the Life Straw. You can use it as a squeeze system, screwed on top of most water bottles, or drink directly from a freshwater source.

4. Knives & Zombie Weapons

Facebook reader Gracie Pearson told us that her gift of choice is “Sharp things. I mostly stick with Zombie Tools or CRKT. I’m a practical granny.” So if you’re looking for a great gift, consider Zombie Tools or CRKT on Facebook. It’s too late to get Zombie Tools for Christmas, so they’d be better planned for a birthday in 2020.

Good news! We have a handful of Tokyo Toothpicks available for immediate shipment! And, gift certificates too. Less…

Posted by Zombie Tools on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

For CRKT, orders are due by 9 a.m. Pacific December 19 in order to receive them by Christmas, so there’s still a little time.

Last day to ship in time for Christmas | Due to the holiday schedule orders due in by ‪9AM PST December 19th‬ to receive…

Posted by CRKT on Tuesday, December 17, 2019

BUT you can still get some items on Amazon if that’s your preference, like this 3-in-1 Navy SEAL tactical knife.

5. Tactical Christmas Stocking with Molle Gear


This stock is is available on Amazon in different colors and comes with Prime Shipping. It features heavy-duty carry, two rotating clip hangers, and MOLLE loops on the outside of the stocking. We own one and we love it!

6. Titan SurvivorCord (Military Paracord + Fishing Line + Waxed Jute + Conductive Wire]


You might be hard-pressed to find a better choice than this one. It’s probably one of the most useful and practical survival tools, after the portable water filter. It can still be purchased with arrival before Christmas. The cord features multiple strands when split, including a fishing line, a waxed jute, and a copper wire. Rated 5 stars out of more than 1,000 customer reviews.

7. NukAlert Nuclear Radiation Detector/Monitor with Alarm


Well, we didn’t say everything on here would be cheap! This one has 4 stars out of 44 customer reviews and costs $125. It alerts you if you’re being exposed to dangerous levels of radiation, and it’s compact-sized to fit on a keychain. One person wrote: “I held mine in my teeth while getting a chest x-ray and it went off immediately.” Batteries are supposed to last 10 years and another reviewer said the company will send batteries if you need them replaced.

Another person wrote: “Should your Nukalert pick up a significant amount of penetrating gamma radiation, it will respond with louder audible chirps about the volume of a human voice talking. This detector is designed for ‘wartime’ use to scout out medium to fairly high (and immediately dangerous) levels of nuclear radiation, not detect any low level background radiation.”

Another person wrote in September: “Very reliable product! Purchased two of these post 9/11/01 and just now needing to replace the battery (17 years!!) on the most used of my units (housed in Russia or Russian republics). Keep the paperwork as after a decade the paint wears off very gradually from wear and tear. Yes they work! Mine went off in Siberia and let me tell you I did not drink from that lake.”

8. Food Rations, Seeds, or Rice

survivalist christmas

You never know when you’ll need food rations, and these are available with Prime Shipping. The smaller size contains 32 servings — just add water to the pouch. A 30-year taste guarantee.

Our Facebook reader Marcelo Bova suggested seeds. “Seeds are not taken into account but eventually can be very useful. And some come in pretty containers.” That’s a really great idea! You can see a listing of survival seeds with Prime shipping here.

Reader Dean Kammler suggested just giving a 20 pound bag of rice. So if you’re low on time, maybe you can throw that under the tree.

9. Survival Gift Bags

How about a bunch of little items in a gift bag for your survivalist? Facebook reader Nick LaRovere suggested: “Accessory for a firearm, survival food, a ticket to a shooting course, were some things that come to mind.” That’s a great idea. You could buy passes to a nearby gun range, a small collection of survival seeds, a Survival Straw, a firearm accessory, and all sorts of other “little” survival items. Pack them into a gift bag and you’ve got a great gift.

10. Wikipedia Offline

Your prepper friends might like this gift best of all. Set up an offline Wikipedia account just for them, so they can survive with all the world’s knowledge at their fingertips. You’ll want to buy a tablet off Amazon for this one, but you don’t need to get a top-of-the-line tablet. Just get one that has enough memory to store Wikipedia. For this to work, you’ll need a tablet like an iPad, a protective case, a portable battery, and a portable solar panel. We wrote a step-by-step for you on how to put it all together right here.

What do you think of our gift ideas? If you have any other ideas to suggest, let us know in the comments below!

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