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New Dune Trailer Released, First 10 Minutes of Movie Detailed


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Warner Bros. Pictures has been busy promoting the heck out of Dune this week as we saw character posters leading up to an IMAX theater exclusive teaser that is now an online trailer released to get Dune fanatics excited for the upcoming film adaptation.

The IMAX trailer was available in select IMAX theaters on July 21 (for free) but several of these theaters were quickly “sold out,” showing just how highly anticipated this film is.

The trailer, shown below, explores more of the characters, environments, and overall atmosphere of a story that’s waited over 55 years to get this type of proper treatment on the big screen (the 1984 movie didn’t count, although I’ll miss seeing Sting as Feyd-Rautha).

In addition to the trailer, IMAX attendees also got to see the first 10 minutes of the film. The good folks at Inverse have broken down that initial footage and commented on important changes from the book. I can completely respect the authenticity of Ryan Britt’s knowledge of the Dune universe and the complete breakdown on Inverse is certainly worth a read. Here are some key points from the review:

  • The leaked script that’s been making the rounds is not actually a leaked script.
  • Zendaya’s character (Chani) is the main character as much of the movie’s focus and narration is from her (not Princes Irulan, as in the books and David Lynch’s 1984 film).
  • The scope of the movie is expected to reach beyond that of House Atreides.
  • As the book has already established House Atreides’ command of the spice planet, Arrakis, the movie shows the time leading up to this.

Some have speculated that another trailer is set to drop tomorrow, July 23, but those who have seen the IMAX trailer say that this is it. It’s also important to note that WB does not plan to release those first 10 minutes of the film that was exclusive to the IMAX viewers, although I think we all know how the Internet works.

In addition to the trailer and footage, Frank Herbert’s son, Brian Herbert, is expected to make some type of big announcement this weekend.

Dune has been confirmed to have a runtime of 155 minutes and will release in both theaters and HBO Max on October 22, 2021. A second part sequel is currently in the works as well.

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