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Netflix Users Call Sweet Tooth’s Hybrid Children ‘Terrifying’ ‘Nightmare Material’

Sweet Tooth bird baby

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In the ultimate show of irony, humans are lashing out at the “terrifying” half-animal hybrids depicted on Netflix’s latest hit series, Sweet Tooth.

In the 8-episode series, a main plotline revolves around the fact that angry humans are hunting down these hybrids that include everything from a half pig, half bird, and of course, as the main character portrays, half deer.

As reported by The Sun, when Netflix took to Twitter to show off images from the pandemic-based series on release day, many commenters had nothing but nice things to say about the cute factor of those hybrid children, but others were not so nice.

Sweet Tooth“We’re calling this cute? I mean maybe ONE was but some are nightmare material,” one Twitter user wrote about the images.

“Is this what Netflix is producing now?” another wrote. “This is f***ing terrifying.”

The parallels between Sweet Tooth and real life are eerie in many ways, as we see how drastically the pandemic survivors deal with the newly infected, but the scary similarities between the hybrid hunters in the series and those on social media are just… well, I’ll just show you some of my favorites.

Have you seen Sweet Tooth? What did you think of the animal hybrid children? Let us know in the comments below!

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