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Netflix Reveals Release Date and Plot for Resident Evil TV Show

Resident Evil

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While the Resident Evil TV show has been confirmed since September, Netflix just recently released more info on the plot and a debut date.

Resident Evil poster“Year 2036 – 14 years after a deadly virus caused a global apocalypse, Jade Wesker fights for survival in a world overrun by the blood-thirsty infected and insane creatures. In this absolute carnage, Jade is haunted by her past in New Raccoon City, by her father’s chilling connections to the Umbrella Corporation but mostly by what happened to her sister, Billie.”


The first season will consist of 8 episodes and be headed up by Supernatural’s Andrew Dabb. The cast includes Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker, Ella Balinska, Tetiana Gaidar, Turlough Convery, Connor Gosatti, and Lea Vivier.

Resident Evil has an extensive history of movies, anime, toys, board games, books, and more based on the original 1996 video game by Capcom. This will mark Netflix’s second foray into Resident Evil series territory if you count last year’s Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness anime. This follows a recent trend of large production studios creating high quality TV show adaptations of popular post-apocalyptic video games like The Last of Us and Halo.

The live-action Resident Evil series will premiere on July 14, only on Netflix.

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