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Netflix Grabs Another Post-Apocalyptic Novel Adaptation with Black Crab


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Not only are we excited to see yet another post-apocalyptic film coming to Netflix with Black Crab, but the newly announced addition of Noomi Rapace to the cast is icing on the cake.

Noomi is probably best known for her work on Prometheus and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and most recently as Harriet Baumann on Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. She’s been nominated for a BAFTA and Saturn Award, as well as the win on 13 other film industry awards.

As for Black Crab itself, Netflix’s adaptation is based on the Swedish thriller novel by Jerker Virdborg that is set during an endless post-apocalyptic winter. The story follows six soldiers who brave a frozen sea to transport cargo that could essentially end the war.

“I’m very excited to come back to Sweden and do Black Crab,” Noomi remarked. “My first Swedish film in years. Can’t wait to get suited up and go on this journey – explore human shadows and slide through broken dreams and a world on edge. Survival to what price?”

The movie will be directed by Adam Berg, who will be making his feature-length film debut after building his career on commercials and music videos.

Mattias Montero, Founder of production company Indio added a bit more to what we can expect from Black Crab. “As a Swede you grow up knowing you live in a country of peace and equality — all in all life’s good and safe here. But lately we have all learned how fragile our societies are due to pandemics, civil wars, global warming and economic chaos. How would it be to wake up one day in a totally destroyed and war-torn Sweden? Producing Black Crab is about flipping the coin, and from a Scandinavian perspective show what happens to humanity when chaos arrives. It’s a big production and a great challenge and thanks to Netflix we can tell this Swedish story to a global audience.”

Black Crab does not have a release date yet and is expected to start filming in 2021.

[Via: Deadline]

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