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Apocalypse Road Brings Post-Apocalyptic Racing Back to the Tabletop

Apocalypse Road

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Looking for a new post-apocalyptic tabletop game to keep your mind active during quarantine? Apocalypse Road is a brand new game using the Thunder Alley/Grand Prix engine that allows scoring in a roller derby style by crossing the finish line and eliminating the opposition along the way.

Thanks to the exploding popularity of Gaslands, post-apocalyptic car-centered tabletop games have been a huge hit over the last couple years. Jeff and Carla Horger jumped at the opportunity to expand on their previous racing tabletop games to create what could be the next big thing for post-apocalyptic car game fans. Previous games in the Horger arsenal include Title Chase: Football, Orient Express, and Manoeuvre, for which Jeff won a Rookie of the Year design award in 2008.

Apocalypse Road

“In the bleak future, after the collapse of our modern technological world, most of the structures we hold dearly today are no longer effective,” the game’s description states. “Over time, new rules and organizational structures have taken hold. Ten teams now complete across the Thunderverse in a season-long show of firepower and twisted metal. Drivers work as part of a team struggling to complete laps under machine gun and even missile fire. The tracks, falling into decades of disrepair, are a jumbled mess of jumps, joker lanes and dirt. Much like the gladiators of old, in a time of intense anguish, the chance to be a hero, even for a day, calls drivers out to risk life and limb for wealth and food. The arena beckons, will you take the wheel?”

Apocalypse Road retails for $72 USD and you can find out more details, including sample rules and several in-depth articles explaining the game, over at the GMT Games website.

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