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Made in Abyss Live Action Movie Update

made in abyss movie update

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Made in Abyss seems to have taken over the media lately with its second season being out and new watchers catching up to it. One other piece of news that’s been announced a while ago is that a live-action movie of the anime is being made. We’ve dug around the internet to get updates about the movie, and here’s what we’ve found about the Made in Abyss live-action movie.

Made in Abyss Live Action Movie Updates

Last summer, Deadline wrote about a Made in Abyss live action movie being adapted by Kevin McMullin, who is known for Low Tide and First Prize. In addition to Bullet Train and Heroes actor Masi Oka, Vertigo Entertainment is reportedly producing the movie, while Columbia Pictures will serve as the production company. 

The latest news shared by McMullin was on his Instagram account last summer when he shared Deadline’s article with his fans.

His website also shows another detail about the movie, which reads: “An adaptation of Akihito Tsukushi’s fantasy manga series. The script is currently being written for Sony and will be produced by Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment (It, The Lego Movie, Doctor Sleep).”

Unless he forgot to update his website, and the entirety of the internet has signed a Non Disclosure Agreement with the producers, the movie seems to still be being written. 

What to Expect from the Movie

While it seems like a wonderful idea at first, fans of the show seem to be more in favor of the movie not being made. We all know what happened with M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender, based on the Avatar anime, and Death Note’s live-action adaptation as well, with ratings on Rotten Tomato of 5% and 37% respectively.

Adapting anime and manga to the big screen tends to go sideways and fans are usually left disappointed. 

The plot of Made in Abyss revolves around Riko, an orphaned girl who meets and befriends the humanoid robot Reg and descends with him into the titular “Abyss” that leads deep into the Earth in search of her mother.

Famous video game designer Hideo Kojima is even a fan of the show. This should say a lot about the darkness of it since he is responsible for titles like Death Stranding, Metal Gear, and P.T.

Made in Abyss may appear to be a sweet anime where the characters deal with situations that are almost childlike. That couldn’t be further from the truth! The manga and series are very disturbing and made for an adult audience. There are very dark themes, such as body mutilation and a lot of gore. All the while dealing with characters who are children.

At first, people may think that the show is made for children, but it definitely isn’t. So we should expect a lot of CGI if McMullin is to utilize children as actors. Or perhaps these kids are going to be replaced with teenagers instead. Who knows! One thing is for sure, the movie will most likely be rated PG-13, or even R to an extent. 

For these reasons, we should expect a very gory live-action movie.

We should also expect a lot of CGI as the show contains a ton of monsters and human-like characters. It will probably be a very expensive movie to create, or it could also go the other way, which is not so good-looking animation and special effects.

So What is the Made in Abyss Community Saying?

Well, not so many good things.


Some are even making fun of the lack of news and creating their own.

Made in Abyss Live Action Movie Update

When Should We Expect the Movie?

With very little information given within the year, I would be surprised if the movie was released in 2024. Probably more toward the end of 2025, and that’s a wild guess.

What about you? Are you looking forward to this movie or are you expecting it to flop, like most anime adaptations? Let us know!

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