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Lue Elizondo: These 4 Common UFO Shapes May Be Related to Their Missions

Lue Elizondo shared details about the most common UFO shapes. (Canva)

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Lue Elizondo, former director of AATIP (Advanced Aeropsace Threat Identification), revealed that the shapes of UFOs might be related to their missions, according to theories by people researching the topic. He spoke about the idea in an interview with Terry Virts of the Down to Earth podcast, where he also revealed which shapes are most commonly seen.  

Lue Elizondo is the former director of AATIP, a Defense Department program, and has been outspoken about seeking transparency from the government about UFOs. (Here is a story the author of this article wrote for another publication about Elizondo back when he first garnered significant public attention in 2017, if you’re interested in Elizondo’s earlier history.)  

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UFOs Are Commonly Seen in 4 Shapes, Which May Correspond With Their Missions, Elizondo Said

Lue Elizondo in his interview with Terry Virts
Lue Elizondo in his interview with Terry Virts

Elizondo revealed the four most common shapes of UFOs that are seen, during his interview with the Down to Earth podcast.

“There is the historical lenticular shape or saucer shape that people are familiar with,” Elizondo said. “Then there is another category or perhaps classification of observed craft which is a long cylindrical or oval-shaped craft which tends to be a little bit bigger than the disc-shaped craft. And then you have these much, much larger triangular-shaped vehicles that have been described, and then the really, really big ones are almost like boomerang(s).” 

AATIP & Others Speculated that the Shapes Could Be Related to Specific Missions

Elizondo said that experts studying UFO sighting had theorized that their shapes could be related to their mission.

“One of the observations that we had in AATIP, among many, was that it could very well be that these vehicles look the way they do because of the specific function,” he told Virts. 

He listed out the shapes and potential functions, which included the following: 

  • Disc-shaped craft: These are smaller and fit fewer occupants. (Elizondo likened it to a Corvette that seats two people and can “zoom around the streets all day long.”
  • Tic-Tacs: These he likened to school buses when you need to carry more people, equipment, or supplies.
  • Triangle-shaped: He compared these to the function of aircraft carriers that have to be very large for a very specific function. 
  • Enormous, boomerang-shaped craft: The enormous-sized craft are reported on very rare occasions and tend to be boomerang-shaped. “There is some speculation why these vehicles are shaped the way they’re shaped and perform the way they perform. I won’t go into a lot of detail here, but it may very well be that the shape of the craft is specific to the function and mission,” Elizondo said. 

Elizondo is outspoken about UFO research, but also careful about what he said. He recently fired back after former AARO director Sean Kirkpatrick claimed in an op/ed that nothing they studied had pointed to aliens. 

In October, he said ongoing efforts would offer new revelations by “early to mid 2024.” 

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