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Lue Elizondo: An Island-Sized UFO Stole One of Our Missiles

Lue Elizondo revealed a story about an island-sized UFO. Pictured is an illustration of what a UFO might look like. (Canva)

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Lue Elizondo, former director of AATIP (Advanced Aeropsace Threat Identification) shared a fascinating story in a podcast interview about a unique UFO sighting one of his close contacts had. The encounter, which occurred during a U.S. military operation, ended with a UFO the size of a small island essentially “disappearing” a missile that was fired during a test. Elizondo then went on to describe the four most common shapes seen in UFO sightings, and a theory about how each shape is related to the UAP’s specific mission. 

Lue Elizondo is the former director of AATIP, a Defense Department program, and has been outspoken about seeking transparency from the government about UFOs. (Here is a story the author of this article wrote for another publication about Elizondo back when he first garnered significant public attention in 2017, if you’re interested in Elizondo’s early history.)  

The Island-Sized UFO Revealed Itself During UFO Tests in the Caribbean, Elizondo Shared

Lue Elizondo spoke about the unique sighting about two years ago in an interview with Terry Virts of the Down to Earth podcast.

Lue Elizondo in his interview with Terry Virts
Lue Elizondo in his interview with Terry Virts

Around 25 minutes into the interview (which you can watch in full here), Elizondo said he had a compelling UFO sighting to share, but he was going to leave out certain details because the person who witnessed it did not want their identity shared. It involved missile tests in the Caribbean and two encounters when the missiles were being retrieved. 

“You have a helicopter going out of a Caribbean island on a regular basis because the Navy likes to test fire some of its cruise missile technology and whatnot,” Elizondo said. “And what will happen is that after the cruise missile runs out of fuel it kind of … splashes into the ocean. It will sink, and then in a certain time it kind of rises up and we will go and fetch it. And we analyze it for telemetry and things like that. Long story short, helicopter crew goes out to recover one of these things. As they are recovering it the first time, the missile, they’re pulling up and something that, what was described round and circular, about the size of a small island, black dark color, starts rising to the surface. It doesn’t break the water. But it starts rising to the surface. They thought, ‘Wow, that’s really, really peculiar.'”

But this wasn’t the last encounter his contact would have. A second encounter happened during a missile test about a month later, but this one was much more dramatic. In fact, the missile disappeared entirely during the test. 

“The next month goes around and they go out to retrieve …  another missile that was test fired, and this time you’ve got a frogman hanging down from the rope about to latch onto the missile and this thing starts coming out of the water again,” Elizondo shared. “And if you know about the Puerto Rican trench out there, we’re talking about water that’s 22,000 feet deep. It’s the second-deepest part of the ocean. The thing starts rising up and as the thing is starting to come to the surface, the frogman is literally trying to climb the rope. They’re doing an emergency ascent, everybody is absolutely panic at the disco, freaking out, what the hell is that, what’s going on. And as they start to pull up, it sucks the missile underwater and then disappears, never to be seen again.”

Virts asked if he could share when this encounter happened, but Elizondo explained that his contact would not want those details released. 

“A little while ago,” he offered. “I don’t wanna go into too much detail because like I said, the person wants the privacy. I know the individual personally… He does not want any type of publicity. He’s actually I think kind of averse to it… He’s kind of seen what’s happened to me and others and he’s like, Lue I don’t want any part of that.”

Elizondo Said the Encounter Might Have Been Connected to Tic Tac Sightings

Later at about 28 minutes into the interview, he offered the idea that this sighting might have been connected wtih the Tic Tacs that are often seen. 

“The island may be enigmatic of something we’ve seen before,” Elizondo said. “When the pilots first described the Tic Tac in 2004 they noticed an object just under the water and the water seemed to be roiling on top. So you know, we may be dealing with something something similar, we don’t know yet, but certainly there’s some interesting congruencies.”

He then went on to talk a bit more specifically about the Tic Tac sightings, explaining that they actually date back to the 1950s when they were being described in official government channels as “40-foot white flying butane tanks.” Then later they were described in the 1960s as “white flying lozenges” that acted exactly the same. 

“There’s a long history here of these vehicles being reported and basically depending on the genre you grew up in you know it’s either a butane tank it’s a tic tac it’s a lozenge… But they’re describing the same object,” he said. 

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