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Lili Simmons Returns to Westworld: Her Host’s History on the Show

Lili Simmons on Westworld Season 4 (HBO)

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One of the top trending search terms while Westworld Season 4 Episode 2 aired was “Lili Simmons.” Fans were excited and surprised to see her back on the series after a long absence. And even though her role was short, she really shined. 

This article has spoilers for Season 4 Episode 2 of Westworld. 

Lili Simmons Portrayed the Host Who Greeted Caleb & Maeve

Lili Simmons played the role of the host who greeted Caleb and Maeve just before they entered the new Delos park, which takes place in the 1920s Golden Age. She instructed them to choose a “bespoke” outfit made to their sizes, and took a moment to hit on Caleb before Maeve shooed her away. 

She even reminded the two that they needed to choose a black or white hat before entering the park.

Caleb doesn’t really like hats, and Maeve knows Delos far too well to play their games.

(In case you forgot, the hats in Westworld were used to scan the visitors’ brains and store that data for nefarious purposes later. I have no doubt that the hats this time around are being used for an untoward purpose yet again.) 

She Previously Portrayed the ‘New’ Clementine

Lili Simmons previously played the role of the “new” Clementine Pennyfeather. But according to IMDb, she was only in two episodes: “Akane no Mai” and “Trace Decay.” 

The first Clementine was a close friend of Maeve’s, who worked at the brothel in Westworld. She was a first-generation host, according to the Westworld wiki, created by Arnold and Ford. 

New Clem was introduced in Season 1, and Maeve was unhappy about her replacing the first Clem. So Maeve seeing the new Clem again in S4, but in a new role, had far deeper layers to the storyline than some might have realized. There’s also a bit of irony in New Clem’s cameo, considering that Old Clem was reprogrammed into a New Clem in the very same episode. 

I wonder if Simmons will have a larger role to play in Season 4, or if this was just a cameo. We’ve already had some other hosts who had small roles in previous seasons appear last week as part of Charlotte and William’s group of hosts. It’s possible her appearance is just a one-time cameo too. 

According to IMDb, Simmons’ other credits include Power Book IV: Force, The Purge, Gotham, Hawaii Five-0, Banshee, True Detective, and more. She has a pretty prolific career outside of Westworld. 

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