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Is Fallout: New Vegas Really Getting a Sequel? Industry Insider Says Yes

Fallout New Vegas

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Fallout: New Vegas was one of the most popular games in the Fallout universe with a cult following that puts all the others to shame. So it only makes sense that a sequel would be in the works — as long as everything else lined up to allow its development.

And now that Microsoft has ownership of ZeniMax Media and original developer Bethesda Softworks, the creation of new Fallout material seems very likely.

According to a video from YouTuber and industry insider Tyler McVicker, Fallout: New Vegas 2 is in the works. He doesn’t mention too many specifics, but he does say that he has inside information on its development and it’s definitely happening.

So why should we listen to this guy? Formerly of the Valve News Network, McVicker has made a name for himself by leaking and predicting upcoming gaming news. For example, in late 2019, McVicker leaked a video of Half-Life: Alyx a full six months before the game was officially released. He’s also made several predictions regarding a collaboration between Valve’s Steam and Microsoft’s Xbox that are looking more and more likely.

So when can we expect this sequel? McVicker says that he predicts Fallout: New Vegas 2 to come out in the “latter half of this decade.” He even goes on to throw out a prediction for Fallout 5 to be some time in the 2030s. While that’s a whole other ball of wax, many believe that a fifth Fallout game would go back to being single player and happen somewhere around New Orleans (thanks to a Fallout New Orleans trademark from 2016).

But these predictions are just that: predictions. Unless official word comes down from Bethesda or their new overlords, Microsoft, it’s hard to tell what’s actually happening with the franchise.

You can sure bet that whatever it is, I’ll be there to buy it on day one.

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