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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of October 21-27

Project Mohave

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Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy City Building! – Against the Storm – First Taste
A post-apocalyptic roguelite city builder? Yes please! This look at Against the Storm shows off gameplay with lots of very informative narration throughout. And you can even play as a beaver!

New! Post Apocalyptic Survival | UNDYING Gameplay | First Look
This game almost looks too pretty to be about survival in a zombie apocalypse, but that’s what it is. GameEdged takes a closer look at the gameplay and deep story that involves a woman not just surviving for herself, but for her young son, Cody.

Post-apocalyptic Kamaz truck wreck 1080P HD
If you’ve ever been curious about the techniques involved in making plastic scale models look like they’ve truly been through an apocalypse, Fabio765 shows you in this video. Including everything from paint and weathering techniques, this one is a complete build of a Kamaz truck after society collapsed.

The Last Haven (2021) – Zombie Apocalypse RTS Colony Defense
This 11-year-old real-time strategic colony builder looks to be easy to understand and play as shown off by SplatterCat in this video. Compete with other factions for resources and precious, precious space on the map while playing through event scenarios that test your leadership skills.

Phobos Subhuman – Investigative Post Apocalyptic Sci Fi – One Shot
I don’t think I’ve seen many investigative games set in a post-apocalyptic universe, so Phobos Subhuman is a welcome addition to the genre. This is mostly a first-impression video of the game’s demo, so it might not be as polished as most games we see, but it still looks interesting.

So I tried Fallout 4 Project Mojave
Fallout: New Vegas in Fallout 4 is like a dream-come-true for most fans, but this popular mod pulls it off. Kevduit explores the Project Mojave mod, giving his opinion along the way. Spoiler alert: he loves it!

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