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How to Preorder Ready Player One Sequel, Ready Player Two

Ready Player Two preorder

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While things are pretty boring during the pandemic, one bit of exciting news has been announced for post-apocalypse and dystopian fans: Ernest Cline has written a sequel to Ready Player One. The new book, aptly called Ready Player Two, is releasing on November 24, 2020. If you want to make sure you secure your copy, here’s how to preorder the novel or the audiobook.

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According to Barnes and Noble’s listing, the book is going to be 384 pages long.

#ReadyPlayerTwo is 384 pages long, according to Barnes and Noble's preorder page. Share on X
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The exciting news was announced by Random House earlier today on Twitter:

And the official Ready Player One Twitter feed shared the news too.

The first book was a huge hit when it released in 2011. It hit Number One fast and was on the New York Times bestsellers list for more than 100 weeks, Hollywood Reporter shared. Cline has said that his novel is a sequel to the book, not the Spielberg movie. He’s been working on the novel for several years.

How to Preorder the Novel

You can preorder the book from Amazon, which allows you free Prime shipping and delivery by November 24, here. The hardcover is $28.99 and the Kindle version is $14.99.

Barnes and Noble is letting you preorder the book now at this link. You can order the hardcover for $28.99 or the Nook version for $14.99.

How to Preorder the Audio Book for Ready Player Two

For a free audiobook version, sign up for an Audible trial right before the book releases and you can get the Audiobook version for $0 with Audible.  If you try Audible free for 30 days, the free trial comes with two free audiobooks. After the trial, you’ll still get one audiobook a month for free. (Audible costs $14.95 a month.) Amazon’s listing currently says that the audiobook would indeed come free with an Audible trial.

Or you can preorder the audio CD on Amazon for $45.

You can also preorder the audio CD from Barnes & Noble for $45.

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