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Black Summer Season 2: What to Expect with Cast, Release Date, and Plot

Black Summer

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Warning! This post contains spoilers for Black Summer Season 1

Netflix’s Black Summer was a surprise hit when it released in early 2019, and the recent news of a second season is stirring fans up for those next eight episodes.

But what can we expect? The way Season One ended, Rose finally finds her daughter and half the group died or was turned into zombies. Aside from Rose and her daughter, will survivors Sun and Spears continue on in Season Two? Or will the focus of the next season be solely on Rose and her daughter as they rebuild their lives together?

In an interview with, star Jamie King gave an early hint about Season Two, although admittedly pretty vague. “And for Season Two… you’ll see it when you get to episode eight.” Presumably, that means that the final episode of Season One will carry over to what we can expect in Season Two, fortifying the speculation that we’ll see more of Rose and her daughter.

We do know for sure that Jamie King will reprise her role as Rose, as she stated on her Twitter a few months back. “I am so excited to announce season two of Black Summer is coming! I am so proud to star and produce the show with @Netflix @jrhyams (Director John Hyams) and our incredible cast and crew.”

Black Summer was originally billed as a spin-off prequel to Syfy’s Z Nation, which enjoyed quite a cult following of its own after a successful 5-season run. Many fans felt that Z Nation was unfairly cancelled, as fans tend to do, but the introduction of Black Summer has quenched that zombie thirst so far.

But what really set Z Nation apart was its sense of humor, which did not carry over to Black Summer. In fact, not too much carried over between Z Nation and Black Summer except for the world environment and the production crew. While some have speculated that Black Summer’s second season could get us closer to the timeline of Z Nation, that’s not really likely.

During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018, Z Nation actor DJ Qualls revealed that the Syfy series takes place “quite a long time” after the events of Black Summer, going so far as to say that the cast is “too old” for a crossover to work.

So when can we expect the second season to drop? Netlix is being tight-lipped so far, but we do know that filming was expected to begin in mid March of this year in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Unfortunately, a giant real-life apocalypse started right around the same time, so production has been postponed. As with many other films and TV shows that have been hindered by the social distancing restrictions, expectations are still focused on a 2021 release, but that depends greatly on when or if COVID-19 subsides.

In the meantime, all we can do is catch up on Season One a few times before then. Oh! And of course, you’ll want to check out our own review of the show!

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