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HBO Drops Big Westworld Spoiler in Now-Deleted Tweet

Bernard on Westworld (HBO)

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Westworld Season 4 has been impressing viewers by bringing back the feel of Season 1 and introducing layers of complexity alongside mysterious storylines. One of the biggest mysteries is how many timelines we’re dealing with in Season 4 and how far in the future Bernard and Stubb’s storyline is taking place. HBO dropped a major spoiler on Twitter with the answer. And although the network deleted the tweet, the Internet had already saved it. 

This article has SPOILERS for Season 4 Episode 3 of Westworld, along with HBO’s tweet. (Don’t forget to join us on Facebook for more discussions.)

HBO Revealed Exactly How Far in the Future Bernard’s Storyline is Taking Place

HBO accidentally tweeted just how far in the future Bernard’s storyline is taking place. This provides viewers with a lot of insight into the show, including the identity of the mysterious woman that he and Stubbs met with at the end of Season 4 Episode 3. 

The HBO Max official Twitter account revealed that Bernard spent 23 years in the Sublime. 

HBO Max Westworld spoiler on Twitter
HBO Max Westworld spoiler (Twitter)

They tried to cover it up with a new tweet that simply read, “Years in the Sublime will do that to a guy. #Westworld.” But it was too late. 

There were some good hints in the show to indicate it’s been 23 years. One, of course, was all the dust covering Bernard. But if you compare the motel in the Season 3 finale with what it looks like now, you can see a large tree that’s grown in the time between scenes. 

Here’s a Reddit thread that shows the two photos:

the motel in season 3 and then in season 4 from westworld

This is a good hint about how much time passed. 

But one big question remains: What has Stubbs been doing all this time? 

Fans React to the Spoiler

On Twitter, one person commented that this isn’t the first time they tweeted a spoiler and deleted it, so they’re wondering if it’s a marketing move.

Neriah K wrote, “This is the second post where they spoiled something and reposted and removed it…this is definitely planned and apart of the marketing 😂 good strategy guys something different 👍🏽.”

On Reddit, u/whoknows324 asked if this really qualifies as a true spoiler. 

They wrote, “Just go with me here, is this really a ‘Spoiler’ for the season? The amount of years? Its not spoiling a plot point, it isnt revealing the big bad of the season, all it did was give confirmation of a theory that most people had while viewing the trailers and teasers. I understand maybe they wanted one more week of mystery but if we did not get the confirmation of this by the next episode then we’re back to the same old Westworld that withholds information that isn’t relevant to our understanding of the central mysteries.”

u/EconomistOpposite906 answered, “I think it’s at least a spoiler in the sense that it was a reveal before the show itself revealed the exact number of years. But I agree completely that most had come to this conclusion, or at least close.”

However, there could be more to the 23-year prediction than meets the eye. EconomistOpposite906 continued: “There are some threads on here that align Caleb’s 7 yrs and this exact year reveal to the Rehoboam predicted mass extinction and fall of humanity predictions. If those theories are right than this might have been a pretty big spoiler.”

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