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Happy Valentines Post-Apocalyptic Style: Memes & Cards from Your Favorite Shows

Post-Apocalyptic Valentine's

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Happy Valentine’s 2019! The day wouldn’t be complete without some end-of-the-world Valentine’s memes from your favorite shows. Tell the world about your love for the end of the world with these fun cards and memes.

Happy Valentine's from the end of the world! Fun memes from #TWD, #The100, #ZNation, #ThePassage and #Colony. Share on X

First up, The Walking Dead. 

I feel bad about Rick and Michonne. 🙁

And gone but not forgotten, Colony. 

Here are some for the new series, The Passage. I miss Kane on The 100, but at least he’s still around on this show.

Z Nation is canceled, but the prequel is coming to Netflix, and we can still enjoy some Valentine’s.

And last but not least, The 100. 

I always thought this guy was creepy.

I feel like I have to include a Bellamy Clarke tweet, but I don’t believe they’re ever going to end up together. (Don’t hate me.)

But this right here may be my favorite The 100 Valentine’s card ever.

But Jason Rothenberg has a point in this tweet. No one in the post-apocalyptic world is thinking much about Valentine’s.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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